May is National Water Safety Month

May is National Water Safety Month, a good time of year to make sure you’re as safe as possible whether you have a swimming pool or a hot tub in your backyard. And Fronheiser Pools is here to make sure you are equipped with the information and products you need for a successful and safe swim season. Here’s how to keep your family and friends safe in and around your beautiful pool.

Use a Cover

No matter if you have a pool or a spa (or both), keep it covered when you aren’t using it. That old, tattered cover doesn’t cut it. Neither does a solar blanket cover for your pool or a simple vinyl cover often used with hot tubs. Both of these options don’t prevent access to the water by animals or children. For your Pennsylvania swimming pool, use a safety cover for the off-season. These covers latch in a grid format, covering the pool completely so there is absolutely no access point. They’re also able to hold hundreds of pounds of weight and still not give. When you use a strong swimming pool cover, a child is able to walk across the cover without falling in (but we don’t recommend you try that unless it’s a legitimate emergency). If you have a hot tub, ask for a cover that latches onto the spa so it won’t come off without a cover lifter. That guarantees that small children won’t be able to remove it and accidentally gain access without you knowing. There are also hot tub covers that won’t open unless you have a key.

Install a Fence

A fence is another great way to keep your inground swimming pool secure, during Water Safety Month and beyond. Traditional fencing options, such as a wooden, metal, or chain link fence, are great permanent solutions. Make sure there aren’t gaps big enough for your toddler or small animals to fit through. Removable, mesh security fences are another option to secure your swimming pool. No matter the fence you choose, make sure that the gate or access point is self-latching and locks, or that the latch is interior so little hands can’t reach it. Check out our Pool Gallery for ideas on how you can install a fence around your inground swimming pool.

Consider an Alarm

Swimming pool alarms alert you anytime the water has been breached. There are brands that install securely to the side of the pool and others that float in the water. Most brands have a receiver with a large enough range that it can be installed indoors. Once the water is breached, the alarm sounds so you know immediately someone has accessed the pool. For times you know the pool is in use, you can put the alarm on silent. Most of these alarms require a key to turn it off. Keep your family water safe during the month of May and all year long. If you’re unsure where to start, Fronheiser Pools is here to help.
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