New Obesity Treatment? Study Eyes Hot Tubs for Overweight Women

Hot Tubs as Obesity Treatment
KETO, low carb, clean-eating… Whatever method you choose, most people believe that losing weight centers around one age-old truth: calories in, calories out. The amount of calories you consume has to be fewer than the calories your body uses. However, some habits give us a boost and make weight loss a bit easier. Would you be surprised to find out that soaking in your hot tub is one of the things that can help? It’s true! In fact, one recent study showed that not only can hot-tubbing help with weight loss, it can also lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health, and even reduce your risk of developing diabetes!

Research Shows Using a Hot Tub Can Help Treat Obesity

Weight loss has long been considered one of the benefits of hot-tubbing. Now a study by the University of Oregon backs that up. Six obese women participated in the study. They soaked in a hot tub for at least an hour, 3 – 4 times per week for two months. From analyzing fat samples and insulin sensitivity at the beginning and end of the study, researches concluded that hydrotherapy in a hot tub can be used as a treatment for obesity.  The findings included:
  • Reduction in fasting glucose
  • Lower hear rates
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less inflammation in fat tissue samples and throughout the body
  • Improved PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) symptoms for some women

Why Hot-Tubbing Works

When you’re soaking in the hot tub, the warm water raises your body temperature and increases blood flow, two of the things that happen when you’re exercising. Though you’re just relaxing and enjoying the soak, your body is receiving some of the same benefits as if you were doing aerobic exercise.  How great to know that hot tub bathing can improve symptoms associated with obesity and help you on your fitness journey! If you’re looking for ways to boost your weight loss regimen, ask your doctor if he recommends hot-tubbing! Beside weight loss, hydrotherapy in a hot tub can help with so many other ailments, both mind and body. The best way to reap all the benefits is a backyard hot tub you can enjoy anytime you want! Come visit us and we’ll help you find the perfect spa for your needs and budget.   Study Source: Experimental Biology, April 24, 2018
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