Owning a Hot Tub May Actually Decrease Your Water Usage

It’s well known that using a hot tub produces major health benefits. A relaxing soak can soothe sore muscles, alleviate chronic pain, improve your mood, and reduce stress. Yet, many people do not realize that owning a hot tub can also be beneficial for the environment. Now you can add one more reason to feel good about that nightly hot tub dip on cold evenings, because owning a hot tub many actually decrease your water usage. Let’s explore some of the ways that hot tub owners can conserve water.

Decreasing Overall Water Usage

Many of us are making an effort to be more mindful of our daily water use. But did you know that hot tubs actually use less water than taking baths and showers? The average household in Pennsylvania uses 200-300 gallons of water per day, which primarily consists of indoor water use. Relaxing baths and long, hot showers are a common way to unwind after a stressful day or hard work out. Running a nightly bath might not seem like that big of a deal, but the average bathtub holds at least 40 gallons of water, which comes to at least 1,200 gallons of water used a month! On the other hand, a four-person hot tub holds around 400 gallons of water. This seems like a lot of water until you consider that Caldera® and Freeflow® hot tubs only require draining every 3-4 months. Hot tub users can decrease their water usage by 1,000 gallons a month, which over the course of a year results in an average savings of 13,000 gallons of water. That’s a major win for water-efficiency!

Recycling Hot Tub Water

Not only does hot tubbing decrease the amount of water you use bathing, but it also provides other opportunities to recycle and reuse water. When it’s time to change the water in your hot tub, those 400 gallons of water can be reused as gray water. Simply leave the cover off your hot tub and do not add any chemicals for three days. At this point, the water is safe to irrigate your lawn, trees, or non-edible plants. Gray water can even be used to flush toilets, wash your car, or clean off a deck or patio. Using gray water is just another way to decrease your household water usage and save money on your water bill.

More Ways to Conserve

Always keep your hot tub covered when not in use. Using a spa cover reduces water loss due to evaporation, so less water is needed to maintain your water level, and the cover also helps to regulate the water temperature in your hot tub. Now you’ll be saving water and electricity! In addition to using a cover, it’s also important to check your filters monthly to keep the water clean and your system running efficiently. If you’re ready to save even more water, check out Caldera’s new Freshwater® Salt System. When maintained properly, the Freshwater Salt System can keep your spa water fresh and clean for a whole year. Imagine the gallons of water saved when you only have to drain and refill your hot tub once a year! A relaxing bath can be therapeutic after a long day, but baths especially use far more water than a nightly soak in a hot tub. Seasoned hot tubbers already know and experience the hydrotherapeutic effects that come with an evening in their spa, but now you can enjoy the experience even more knowing that hot tub time can decrease your overall water usage. For those of you ready to start conserving water and saving money, contact Fronheiser Pools today!
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