Plan your Perfect Patio Furniture

patio furniture

Are you dreaming of lounging outdoors but can’t seem to get it, quite right, continually rearranging your patio furniture over and over again? Whether your patio is itsy-bitsy or titanic, check out these ideas to achieve your very own backyard oasis.   

The art of deciding on your central location.  

Remember your central gathering area should be the primary focal point and the heart of the patio arrangement. Begin building the remainder of the patio decoration around this area – adorning with the same theme.

Let’s find a purpose for your patio.

The shape of the patio arrangement defines your purpose, such as; symmetrical creates a formal living space –living room style, whereas asymmetrical will be a more relaxed space – lounge area. Pick your purpose according to your desired atmosphere.

Patio Design – easy access.

Consider the pathway for the entrance and exit when designing your backyard haven. Try to avoid arrangements with obstructed paths or tight areas easily congested with guest activity.

Areas with high traffic are best with 30”-40” of space, therefore, arrange your furniture in a manner that directs the guest around the central seating area.

Patio Furniture – arranged for perfection.

Be sure to have the most extended piece of furniture against the longest wall, facing the focal point. This technique will draw the eyes toward the main attraction instead of becoming a visual distraction. Then add seats, a coffee table, ottomans, or other furniture to complete the perfect setting.

Shake it up a bit – separate the outdoor kitchen 

It’s important to separate the outdoor kitchen from the dining and lounge area for safety purposes. Be cautious; you don’t want the kids near the grill. For easy food prep, keep the kitchen close to the back door.

Make the most out of your patio – divide and conquer.

By separating it into smaller sections, you’ll create a well-designed and practical living area. Plus, creating multiple entertainment areas. If you like socializing with friends, spice it up with seasonal chairs, an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor patio heater.

Have fun and accessorize!

Embellish with festive throw pillows, fun area rugs, and your favorite potted plants. Charming yet straightforward. Be adventurous, and bring the fun and lights to make your backyard come to life!

Outdoor space and patios beckon, more than ever when the weather gets warm. Aggrandize your outdoor space with Telescope Casual Patio Furniture for relaxation, entertainment, and overall enjoyment.



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