Pool Opening Checklist Every Pool Owner Should Have

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Summer is right around the corner and now’s the time to bring your pool out of hibernation. The temperature is ticking upward, and you’ve got dreams of cannon balls and sunbathing in your head. So let’s get your pool opened the right way with a “pool opening checklist” and start the summer fun.

Remove and Store Your Pool Cover Properly

Proper storage of your pool cover will ensure its longevity. Follow these steps for storing your pool cover:
  • if there is standing water on the cover, you’ll want to pump it off
  • remove any debris that has accumulated on the cover
  • with a friend or family member’s help, remove the cover from the pool and lay out flat
  • after a thorough rinse with your hose, give it a nice cleaning with diluted bleach or a cleaning solution
  • allow the cover to dry fully (either hang it or drape it over something) before putting it into storage, preferably in a shed or garage

Check Out Your Pool’s Equipment & Systems

After you’ve been sedentary for a spell, you might have a bit of a hard time getting your motor going. Your pool’s systems are no different. After a winter’s slumber, as part of your pool opening checklist, include a thorough system check-up and give it a boost to get back to work.
  • clean or replace the filters
  • inspect the pump for any damage including the O-ring and valves, repairing or replacing as warranted; the O-ring may need lubricating
  • add water to the pump to prime it before starting the motor
  • reattach the filter’s drain plug and pressure gauge
  • with the valve set to filter, power on the pump; if all is well, allow it to run for 24 hours

Review Your Supplies

Part of this checklist will include water treatment, but before you can do that, you need to give your supplies a thorough review. Starting a task only to be derailed by an oversight can frustrate the best of us. Do you have everything you need and in the quantity you need? Keep in mind, after opening your pool, you’ll need to keep your water clean and in balance throughout the Summer, so keep a quantity on hand to carry you through.  Next, take a look at the date on any chemicals held over from previous seasons. If they’ve expired, you’ll need to replace them. Be mindful of how you get rid of old chemicals as pool chemicals are corrosive and dangerous to people and the environment. Check your local EPA website for guidance on handling and disposing of your old supplies.

Final Steps

  • remove all debris and sediment, using a leaf rake or basket and the pool vacuum
  • scrub down the pool walls
  • test your pool water and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply the appropriate chemicals
  • shock your pool with the filter running
  • inspect any pool accessories, such as ladders, slides, and handrails, and replace bolts or re-tighten as necessary

We’re Here to Help

Fronheiser Pools knows pools. If you’ve got questions about opening your pool this summer, or if you’re in need of pool chemicals give us a call at (610)-845-2221 and we’ll be happy to answer all your pool care questions. 
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