Pool Renovation Isn’t as Scary as You Think

pool renovation isn’t as scary as you think
Is your swimming pool ten to twenty years old and in need of some attention? Are you empty-nesters whose kids are no longer around to use that slide and diving board? Perhaps you purchased a new-to-you home with an older pool that requires updating. Whatever your circumstances, that pool in your backyard may suffer from a leak, older and inefficient mechanical equipment, or an outdated appearance. If you are considering a pool renovation, but are not sure where to begin, we are here to help. Trust us; pool renovation isn’t as scary as you think.

Find the Best Contractor

Engaging the best local contractor to perform your renovation is the number one priority to achieve success. It is important to do your research. Years in business, client testimonials, professional organization memberships, achievement awards, and examples of their work should be part of the criteria you examine before hiring a contractor. Keep in mind, a popular and acclaimed pool contractor can be booked two years into the future, so it is important to reserve their services well in advance.

Time Your Remodel Carefully

You do not want to plan your remodel during the time of the year that you typically want to use the pool. For that reason, fall and winter tend to be the most popular times for remodeling jobs. Renovations take time and, as with all remodeling projects, there can be snafus that delay the process. Plan your renovation in the off-season when your pool and backyard are not in high demand.

Consider Your Upgrades and Changes

The fun part of a pool renovation is choosing what upgrades and changes you want to make. Changing the surface that surrounds your pool can completely change the appearance of your backyard entertaining space. You can also make your poolscape safer with the addition of a surface with extra traction. Replacing outdated features that no one uses with exciting water features, LED lighting, or tanning ledges will give your pool a much more current appearance. You can also make your backyard a destination with a fire pit or outdoor kitchen.

Replace Outdated and Inefficient Equipment

Things have come a long way in recent years as far as more efficient pool equipment is concerned. You can lower your utility bills considerably with a variable speed pool pump, or a new filtration system. Not only are the pool equipment choices that are available nowadays less expensive to operate, but they are easier on the environment. A pool renovation is also an opportunity to switch from a chlorine sanitation system to a salt pool or alternate sanitation system.  Take the time to find the best contractor, and plan for the features you will most enjoy. In the end, you will have a more enjoyable and usable outside environment, a safer space, and lower maintenance needs and costs. You are much more likely to end up with the pool of your dreams if you take your time and plan ahead. Fronheiser Pools invites you to visit our design showroom for ideas and inspiration. Pool renovation isn’t as scary as you think! 
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