Prepping Your Backyard for a Pool & Hot Tub

Prepping your backyard for a pool & hot tub
Congratulations to you if you are expecting to have a pool or hot tub built in the upcoming months! Your new pool will be a major focal point of your home and an area that will provide years of joy and entertainment to you and your family. You will have a glorious vacation destination that you can get to in just a few steps. Now that you have made the decision to build, and found the very best, most experienced pool contractor are you wondering what’s next? What are the steps to prepping your backyard for a pool & hot tub? Prepping your backyard for a pool & hot tub

Where Will It Go?

The first decision is to determine where your pool and hot tub will be located. You want to be sure that the pool you have in mind is a good fit for your backyard. You must take into account not only where it will be positioned, but the natural terrain. Is your backyard sloped? Will it need a retaining wall? A tricky location can add time and money to the building project. Your carefully chosen contractor is a valuable resource to you in this matter. Prepping your backyard for a pool & hot tub In the case of a freestanding hot tub, it is important to place it close to the house for convenience. You do not want to traipse across your entire backyard to get to your hot tub on a chilly fall evening. Locate it steps away from the house with an accessible walkway,  and be sure to leave an adequate space surrounding it for cleaning, maintenance, and equipment. Pay attention to the access to water and electrical outlets. A plumber and/or electrician may be required to set up what is necessary for hot tub operation.  

Your Local Pool and Hot Tub Regulations

You certainly want to be informed as to your local zoning, set back, and municipal building codes. We cannot stress enough that hiring a local contractor with years of experience in your area is a major advantage to you. They can advise you on what is required and may even be able to take care of any necessary paperwork. Working with a top-caliber contractor ensures that your pool will be installed properly and will meet all code requirements. Prepping your backyard for a pool & hot tub

Remove Any Obstacles

The thing about backyards is that they have things in them that get in the way of installing a pool. These items will have to be taken out before construction can begin. Your contractor will investigate any and all underground utilities. You may have to remove inconveniently placed landscaping such as trees and shrubs. You may have to take down play structures that your kids have outgrown. There could even be rocks, walkways, or garden bed edgings that have to be removed. Talk to your pool contractor. Discuss what removals they will be responsible for and what you may have to arrange yourself. Prepping your backyard for a pool & hot tub

Access to Your Backyard

Pool construction involves heavy equipment, lots of workmen, a large quantity of materials, trucks coming and going, disruption, dust, and noise. Your mantra during the construction process will be, “This is temporary and it’s all worth it”. Before all of that even happens, you need to address the question, “How will they get into my backyard?” Will fencing have to be temporarily removed? Will landscaping be disturbed? What about my lawn? Can the driveways and sidewalks support the passage of the equipment? You will want to discuss with your builder what to expect so you won’t have any surprises. When you hire the right contractor, he will be experienced with hundreds of pool builds similar to yours and be able to manage your expectations with ease and address any of your concerns. Prepping Your Backyard for a Pool & Hot Tub

Plan Your Landscaping

The time before your pool and hot tub go in is when to plan your landscaping. Factors to consider are
  • Privacy. Clearly, it is desirable to have some privacy around your pool and hot tub. This is achieved by putting in carefully considered trees and shrubs and/or by building fencing or privacy screens around your pool and hot tub.
  • Shade. You will want to envision where you will go to escape the sun if you wish. The construction of a lanai or other shade structure could do the trick and provide a place for you to relax and cool off when the sun is intense.
  • Low maintenance. The obvious priority when choosing plantings that surround pools and hot tubs is that they do not shed debris or other materials that would find their way into the water. If you are constantly having to skim flower petals, leaves, or seed pods out of your pool you will come to despise those labor-intensive plants in no time. Do some research and choose plants that will coexist nicely with your pool and hot tub and not create a mess.
Prepping Your Backyard for a Pool & Hot Tub

Decking and Patio Surfaces

Nothing sets off a beautiful pool design better than a well-chosen decking surface. You can choose between wood, stone, pavers, concrete, and composite materials to surround your pool and hot tub. What is necessary is a non slip surface and a design that truly frames and sets off your pool to show it in all its glory. You could even use a combination of materials to designate different entertainment areas around your pool.

Prepping Your Backyard for a Pool & Hot Tub

Bring the Comforts of Home Outside

Putting in a new pool is a wonderful opportunity to bring some of the comforts of indoor living to the outside. Extend the hardscape that surrounds your pool to additional entertainment and relaxation areas.
  • An outside living area is a fantastic place to relax in comfort, visit with guests, and get closer to your family. The placement of some comfortable stylish outdoor furniture  creates a living area where you will spend countless hours of relaxation. Cushioned couches and convenient tables to hold drinks and refreshments invite you and your guests to sit and enjoy all the beauty of your newly constructed backyard paradise.
  • An outdoor kitchen or grilling station is another gathering place. Imagine yourself preparing all sorts of delicious culinary delights for your family and friends as they stand around chatting with you while you do your magic.
  • A fire pit is another fun area to create outside. Can’t you see yourself toasting s’mores with your kids and watching the stars come out? Fire pits are just the best places to sit and have conversations long into the night.
Prepping Your Backyard for a Pool & Hot Tub

Prep Your Backyard for Sucess

Have we given you some ideas of what features you could add to your pool build? Prepping your backyard for a pool and hot tub involves many decisions. When the last construction truck drives away you want to be overjoyed with your creation, not wishing you had added a detail that could have made all the difference. The good news is that with careful planning you can create the backyard of your dreams. Understanding what you need before the actual construction starts is an important part of the process. Working with an experienced local pool contractor such as Fronheiser Pools goes a long way to reducing your stress level, managing your expectations, and creating that backyard oasis that you and your family will treasure for years in the future.
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