Rehab for Neglected Hot Tubs

Neglected hot tubs are an eyesore and a safety hazard.

If a neglected hot tub is misused, battered, and poorly maintained, can it be saved? Absolutely, with some spa-specific TLC, there’s hope.  Most neglected hot tubs can take on a new life. Here are some ways to recapture yours to its glory days.

Have Hot Tubs Checked Over

You may need to call a hot tub service technician to make sure the electrical and plumbing systems are working correctly. If there is significate damage, don’t put in a lot of time and effort on the hot tub until restored to operational order.

Freshen the Water

Drain all the water in your hot tub, then replace it with fresh water. Routinely drain and refill your hot tub water every couple of months, thus keeping your system clean and your water fresh for full enjoyment. Using a sanitizer such as Jacuzzi® PROCLEAR™ Plus helps you achieve the clearest hot tub water. With particularly old and dirty water, however, it’s a good idea to drain and replace the water, flush the system, then drain and replace the water again.

Clean It Up

Start with an empty hot tub, and completely clean the interior with a commercial product such as Jacuzzi Spa All Purpose Cleaner. When cleaning the surface, use a soft cloth or sponge so as not to damage the acrylic surface. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, since they can dull or damage the surface. And don’t use detergents, as the residue will cause the water in your hot tub to get sudsy. You also can remove any debris-filled remnants using a garden hose.

Take a look at your filter. With a neglected hot tub, you will likely need to replace the filter cartridge. After that, make sure you clean the filter regularly—every four to six weeks.

For cleaning spa covers, use Jacuzzi® Spa Cover Conditioner to assist with restoring the color of the vinyl cover along with extra UV protection. Or, use a combination of soap and hot water, working over the surface with a scrub brush or sponge. Thoroughly rinse off any remaining residue.

And remember—safety first. Whenever doing any cleaning or maintenance, be sure to turn off the power to the spa.

Exterior Beauty

Since most hot tub exteriors constructed of easy-to-maintain materials are sturdy and UV-resistant, cleaners will usually restore them to their previous luster. However, if the hot tub exterior is looking worn or faded, consider painting it to make it look like new.

Use the appropriate paint and primer when painting the surface. For wood or composite wood panels, for example, use quality exterior house paint. For vinyl exteriors, a cover replacement will make your hot tub look brand new again. Mask off the surfaces you don’t wish to paint. Also, drain the water and turn off the power when undertaking such a project.

Get Hot Tubs Looking Good

With a little work, you can make a neglected hot tub look almost like new. By giving it some care, both inside and out, it can become an attractive focal point of your backyard entertaining.

Now that you’ve got your Jacuzzi® Spa looking good, here are some spa tips from Fronheiser Pools for keeping it that way.

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