Your Handy Checklist for Safe Swimming!

Do you have a checklist for safe swimming in your pool? You should. And there are good reasons why. At Fronheiser, we want every water day to be memorable and safe.

Why You Need a Checklist

Accidents happen. They just do. Sometimes they happen in and around swimming pools. For that reason, pool owners should be prepared to exercise an abundance of caution to prevent accidents. A useful checklist for safe swimming will include steps for accident prevention. The checklist should also include rules that, when strictly enforced, limit accidents from having a field day in your pool. Your checklist will be useful in maximizing the best, memorable times in your pool with friends and family.

What is On Your Checklist

Your checklist does not need to be complicated. Use these ideas to begin your checklist for safe swimming in your pool.
  • Does my homeowner’s liability insurance cover pool injuries? (It’s a good idea to review the details annually.)
  • Have I posted safety rules? Here’s a sample list.
  • No swimming alone or unsupervised
  • Drunks or dunks prohibited
  • No diving
  • Be nice
  • Parents pay attention to your children
  • Have I secured the gates around the pool?
  • Do I have an underwater pool alarm?
  • Is it working?
  • Are the safety drain anti-entrapment covers secure?
  • Do I have an emergency plan in the event of an accident?
  • Is my rescue equipment in good condition?
  • Is the pool deck in good repair and clear of potential trip obstacles?
  • Do I have someone available to be a “watcher” during our pool parties?
This is certainly not a complete list. Consider it an idea starter. Build your own. The staff at our Bally and Sinking Spring showrooms would be delighted to help you flesh out and add some additional checklist items that may be particularly suitable and appropriate for your pool. Remember, it’s not how long the checklist is, it’s how practical it is. Does your list minimize the potential for accidents? Neither you nor your checklist can prevent every unwelcome incident, but having a checklist for safe swimming and exercising an abundance of caution can dramatically limit the possibilities. At Fronheiser we want every gathering-opportunity for your friends and family to be safe and fun! From vinyl and gunite pools to swimming pool renovation, Fronheiser is your local leader in everything pool-related. Come see us today to see how safe swimming in your pool can help you have the best in summer fun.
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