Should I Drain My Pool for Winter?

Grab a Kleenex and get ready to wipe away those tears! ’Tis the time of year to start thinking about closing up shop when it comes to swimming. We know the heartbreak that comes from even thinking about your pool’s lonely winter hibernation. But just wait for the exuberant joy that you’ll have come spring. For now, you can start researching exactly what you need to do. But should you start to drain your water out? The easy answer: No. Here are a few reasons NOT to drain your pool for winter.

Quality + Convenience

Modern pools are made to stand the test of seasons, including water that is left in them over the winter months. In fact, as long as the water is below the skimmer lines, and your pipes and equipment have been drained and winterized, it’s better to keep your pool full. First, water can help protect your pool liner (if vinyl), can keep unwanted debris out of any pool type, can keep your cover from sagging and ripping, and can help prevent cracks and damage. A properly closed pool is going to make spring opening something you can look forward to.

Reduce. Reuse.

Remember how much water you had to use to fill your pool when you initially installed it? That is a LOT of water. Now, think of doing that each and every year. Not only will it cost a fortune, you are also draining out all of the pool chemicals that are specifically created to help you water make it through winter. When you close your pool correctly, you’ll have enough water for spring, plus an ultra-easy pool opening next year. So, keep that water in your pool.

When to Close

So, when should you close up shop? When your water temperature is consistently below 65 degrees, you know that it is safe to start your pool closing. With quality pool chemicals from Fronheiser Pools, we have exactly what you need to get your pool closed properly. But don’t just take our word for it. Bring in a sample of the water from your pool to get accurate, computerized analysis on everything that your pool needs for the perfect closing. You’ll be shocked just how easy it is to open your pool come spring. Questions about your pool closing? Call the experts at Fronheiser at 610.845.2221.
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