Should You Invest in a Pool Heater?

should you invest in a pool heater
Imagine this scenario:  It is a nice warm fall day and a dip in the pool seems like a wonderful idea. You don your swimsuit and head out to the backyard where your beautiful blue pool awaits. No need to test the water with your toe, because you’re strong, right? You jump right in … and have the shock of your life. Gasping, you arise from the water sure you have given your heart a near-fatal jolt. What’s the problem? Well, your pool water isn’t heated. People are most comfortable swimming in a pool that is between 78-82 degrees. A warm fall day can be deceptive. The air temperature is comfortable, but the water temperature of the pool has not had a chance to warm up. So now you are asking yourself the big question: Should you invest in a pool heater?

A Pool Heater Extends the Swimming Season

If you invest in a pool heater you can extend your swimming season up to two months. Rather than being able to enjoy your pool from Memorial Day through Labor Day, you could start swimming in April and right into October.

It Can Help Improve Your Fitness

If you have access to a pool with a comfortable water temperature, you will be able to use it to maintain your fitness goals for more months of the year. Swimming in a heated pool improves your respiration, strengthens muscles, burns calories, and reduces stress. A too-cold pool can actually hinder these benefits. Swimming in cold water can worsen respiratory issues and joint pain.

Make the Most of Your Investment

If your pool is not heated, family members may be reluctant to use it. In contrast, a pool that is heated will be inviting to swim in and will be more frequently made use of. A pool is one of your largest home investments. If it is not being utilized, frankly, it is a waste of money.

Increase in Home Value

Any swimming pool tends to increase the value of your home. However, a home with a heated pool is a much more attractive feature to buyers wishing to get the most out of their outside space.

Is a Pool Heater Worth the Cost?

There is no question that the initial cost of a pool heater is an investment. You can expect to pay $2500-$5000 or more. Overall, an electric pool heater will be more efficient to operate than a gas-powered heater. Electric heaters are quite popular with pool owners due to their dependability and lower operating costs. You can expect a pool heater to last 10-20 years. We would advise that a pool heater is well worth the initial investment if it means you and your family will use your pool more. Should you invest in a pool heater? The answer is a resounding yes, if you would like to:
  • Extend your pool season by at least two months
  • Use your pool as part of your ongoing fitness program
  • End family members’ reluctance about swimming in a cold pool
  • Improve your home’s value
  • Enjoy more quality time with your family and friends in the inviting comfort of your heated pool
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