Spice Up Date Night with a Hot Tub This Fall

Spice up date night with a hot tub
It doesn’t matter if you have been together for two months or twenty years, a special date night can show your partner that you want to keep the fun and romance alive in your relationship. Intentional time spent together provides a couple with an opportunity to become closer and rekindle intimacy. Why not take some time to show your partner how special they are by planning a romantic evening at home? All of us here at Fronhesier Pools think autumn is the best time to enjoy your hot tub. So, let’s look at how you can spice up date night with a hot tub this fall!  

Plan an Activity to Enjoy Before the Hot Tub

Consider beginning date night with an activity such as a walk around the neighborhood, or a short hike in a nearby park to enjoy the fall foliage. Arguably, our state of Pennsylvania has the most beautiful fall foliage season in the country.  A brisk stroll in the cool early evening can make a follow-up soak in the hot tub all the more appealing.   

Prepare Your Refreshments Ahead of Time

Any great romantic evening involves food and beverages, right? Start off the evening with mugs of warm spiced cider and a made in advance appetizer such as fig crostini. To make it, simply spread toasted baguette rounds with fig jam and top with softened goat cheese and you will have a pre-hot tub treat with all the tastes of fall. For after your hot tub soak, have chili in the slow cooker ready to enjoy when the time is right. With some advance planning, you won’t have to spend a minute fussing in the kitchen during date night.  

Create Some Ambiance

Get a couple of soft terry robes for the two of you to change into. A stack of fluffy towels nearby will surely be appreciated when you emerge from your soak.  Surround the area adjacent to the hot tub with pumpkin and apple scented candles. The scent will create an atmosphere that completely captures the season, and the soft glow of light adds an extra touch of romance. Create a musical playlist of some timeless love songs. A quick internet search will provide plenty of inspiration. At Last, Stand By Me, You Are So Beautiful, and Take My Breath Away are just a few suggestions to get you started.  

The Main Event

The main event, of course, is the soak together in the soothing warm water of your hot tub. To make this time together all the more memorable, focus on conversation with your partner. Give your loved one your undivided attention. Meaningful conversation fosters trust and deeper love.  It is recommended that a typical soak in the hot tub lasts around  20 minutes. However, remember that you can get out and wrap yourself in your soft robe and re-enter the water after a brief cool down.  

The Rest of the Evening

Once you do emerge from the warmth of the hot tub, head inside. That chili you had the foresight to make earlier will be ready for you. Cornbread is always a great accompaniment. A hearty red wine to taste along with it completes this simple yet hearty fall meal. Afterwards, you might enjoy cuddling on the sofa to watch a fall-themed movie. Some great choices are, You’ve Got Mail, Autumn in New York, Practical Magic, or The Lake House.   There is already a good dose of romance in the crisp autumn air, but with a bit of advance planning, you can take an evening spent with your partner to new levels. We hope you enjoyed these tips to spice up date night with a hot tub this fall. Remember that Fronheiser Pools is here with all your hot tub supplies and outdoor living essentials.  
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