How long does it take to install an inground vinyl liner swimming pool?

vinyl liner swimming pool

While it will only take a week or two from the time you dig the hole for your inground vinyl liner swimming pool until your vinyl liner swimming pool has water in it and is ready to swim in, the process of building the pool is a little more complicated. Depending on the season, you […]

All About Variable-Speed Pumps

Variable-speed pumps save energy

The pool industry has been buzzing about variable-speed pumps for the past couple of years. Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about, but are afraid to ask? You know the upfront cost is kind of pricey. Is it worth it? Fronheiser Pools would be happy to share the basics about variable-speed pumps […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Pool Cover

maintaining your pool cover

When we think of maintaining a pool, we think of cleaning it, keeping the chemicals balanced, and checking equipment such as the pump and filter. That being said, there is one more component of our swimming pool maintenance that isn’t discussed as much, and that is how to care for our pool covers. There are […]

Is Your Backyard Winter-Ready?

Winter-ready backyard

With fall upon us, we know there are tasks that need to be done to prepare our backyards for the winter season. But where to begin? Do you start with the pool? Is this the time to update your equipment? Do you plan to use your hot tub? What about all that patio furniture? It […]

Pool Renovation Isn’t as Scary as You Think

pool renovation isn’t as scary as you think

Is your swimming pool ten to twenty years old and in need of some attention? Are you empty-nesters whose kids are no longer around to use that slide and diving board? Perhaps you purchased a new-to-you home with an older pool that requires updating. Whatever your circumstances, that pool in your backyard may suffer from […]

Is It Time To Winterize Your Pool?

Winterize your pool

Hopefully, all pool owners in the region understand the importance of properly closing their swimming pools for the winter season. If not, our previous helpful article may persuade you to do so. However, knowing that your pool must be closed and understanding just when it should happen are two different things. You likely grasp the […]

Should You Invest in a Pool Heater?

should you invest in a pool heater

Imagine this scenario:  It is a nice warm fall day and a dip in the pool seems like a wonderful idea. You don your swimsuit and head out to the backyard where your beautiful blue pool awaits. No need to test the water with your toe, because you’re strong, right? You jump right in … […]

How to Plan the Ultimate Back-to-School Party

This year we may have even more than usual to celebrate about going back to school. After a long pandemic-influenced break, kids and adults alike are looking forward to a return to the classroom. With the end of summer in sight and getting back into a routine again on the horizon, why not wrap things […]

How Many Hours per Day Does My Pool Pump Need To Run?

Have you ever wondered, “How many hours per day does my pool pump need to run?” In an ideal world, the answer might be “24/7”. All day — all the time. But that definitely is not practical. The cost would be prohibitive. In the past, we might have recommended you run your pump for at […]

The Ultimate Care Guide To Make Your Pool Last

A backyard pool provides countless hours of enjoyment. It is a place to relax, make memories, entertain, and exercise.  Why spend money to go away on vacation when you can spend your days floating in the water with a beverage in hand, the scent of the barbecue in the air, and the kids frolicking a […]