The Amazing History of Vinyl Pools

vinyl pools
That sparkling piece of incredible art in your neighbor’s backyard… You never imagined it was a vinyl pool! And now you’re intrigued. How did vinyl pools come about? And how can you get such an amazing retreat for your own backyard? Come along with us as we journey through the amazing history of vinyl pool — and how you can own the PERFECT vinyl pool for your family.

Summer Lovin’ In the 1950s

In the early to mid 1950’s, concrete pools were all the rage. With the price dropping for pool installation, more and more concrete pools began popping up all over America. But in areas with harsher winters, fluctuating temperatures, and a blue-collar working class, the market began to clamor for a better, more cost-effective option. By the mid-50s, the first vinyl pool came on the scene. From options that included cinder blocks, to pools built from pressure-treated wood, the vinyl market got off to a bit of a rocky start, according to Pool & Spa News. And with no vacuums to seal the liner to the pool frame, pool installers hoped that the water filling the vinyl liner would push out any air bubbles that were trapped under the vinyl. But manufacturers didn’t stop when it came to incredible innovation. Through the decades, vinyl became more and more popular – and America has never stopped loving this affordable pool option.

The Refinements of 1960-1980

Not only did pool manufacturers gain headway in the decades following those first vinyl pool prototypes, the invention of Computer Aided Design offered a head-turning option with custom-fit liners. No longer did an installer have to put in a pool liner and figure out how to make it hold. CAD designers were able to custom make an entire pool – without an ill-fitting liner or installation issues. And the better things got for vinyl pools, the more demand came for this incredible pool option.

The Vinyl Pools of Today

Today, vinyl pools are a go-to option for pool lovers around the globe. In fact, Fronheiser Pools has been constructing in-ground vinyl liner pools since the 1980’s.  We’ve had thousands of happy customers since then! That’s because we use durable polymer walls instead of rust prone steel walls. The polymer used in Fronheiser’s vinyl liner pools is also used in sports equipment and by the automobile and aircraft industries because of its superior strength and durability. Our polymer wall system comes with a lifetime structural warranty, giving you peace of mind and fewer worries.

Is a vinyl pool right for you?

If you are looking for an affordable, luxurious backyard pool, add a vinyl pool to your list of options! Vinyl liner pools are easy to maintain, have a soft surface feel, and have a limitless array of sizes and shapes. Our vinyl liner pools are tailored to your wants and needs, and we have many options to make your pool what you want it to be. Fronheiser uses the Matrix Pool System to build quality, long-lasting vinyl liner pools. And you’ll love that we don’t pass your project off to another company to install. Fronheiser believes in the use of sub-contractors only when specialized skills are required. You can rest assured that a majority of the pool building process will be completed by full-time Fronheiser Pools employees. So let’s get started on your beautiful new pool today. With decades of innovation, and thousands of happy customers, you’ve come to the right place for your pool build. Start dreaming and get your consult scheduled. We can’t wait to bring the beauty of vinyl pool ownership to your backyard oasis. Or, do you need a vinyl liner replacement for your existing pool? We do that, too! Call us today. Your beautiful new backyard pool awaits.
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