The Best Herbs to Plant Around Your Hot Tub

The best herbs to plant around your hot tub.
Creating the perfect space around your hot tub can take time. Our experts at Fronheiser Pools know some tips and tricks to help make your hot tub area a space you can relax in and be proud of. One of those is to create an herb garden around the hot tub itself. Not only will this provide beautiful greenery to look at, but it can also provide scents that further enhance your ability to relax and unwind while soaking the day away. 

Plant Rosemary Around Your Hot Tub

Rosemary is not only a sturdy plant that can be grown in many environments, but it is beautiful as well. It grows well even in dry places and won’t require a lot of care from you (which we always find to be a positive).  You can cook with the rosemary you grow around your hot tub too! This will save you a little money at the grocery store, and we have all seen those prices skyrocketing recently. We like to save a little where we can. Rosemary will smell divine growing around your hot tub. This herb has been shown to help you focus and to enhance memory. Being able to inhale the aroma of rosemary while you soak could add to the mental health benefits you already receive from soaking in your hot tub. 

Plant Lavender Around Your Hot Tub

You are likely familiar with lavender and its beauty. Wonderful herbs to plant around your hot tub can serve numerous purposes, just like rosemary. The biggest difference of lavender will be the lovely purple blossoms you get with the lavender plant versus just the greenery you can get from rosemary. Lavender is also said to have calming effects. Breathing in the scent while you are relaxing can enhance the experience all the more. Once you are done, pluck a few blossoms and mix them with olive oil to rub on your body to continue enjoying the smell after you exit your spa.

Plant Mint Around Your Hot Tub

Mint also helps with concentration. It is a strong smell that can be really impactful with just a few plants. If you are tight on space but want herbs that will add more scent, this could be the way to go.  Mint is also said to have pain-relieving properties, as well as being great for cooking. Pluck a few leaves to make an oil to rub on your temples for headaches or add it to your favorite dish to continue enjoying the benefits of this wonderful herb after your hot tub session has ended. 

The Best Herbs to Plant Around Your Hot Tub: Plant Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley

Finally, you can plant any herb you like to cook with. We really like having basil, cilantro, and parsley on hand. While these herbs may not have the aroma of the others we have mentioned, they will still smell nice if you have larger quantities, and we love the fresh flavors added to our meals.  Whatever you decide to do around your hot tub, Fronheiser Pools can help you make those dreams a reality. We design outdoor spaces so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Stop by our Bally location to see all that we can do in person. 
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