The BEST Ways to Meet & Get to Know Your New Neighbors

So, you’ve moved to a new neighborhood. You checked all those boxes on your “must have in a home” list and now it’s all yours. The only thing you’re missing is to meet someone to borrow a cup of sugar from and invite to your barbecues! How do you break the ice and get to know the Joneses? As soon as the quarantine regulations are over, here are our top tips for getting to know your new besties. Host Your Own Housewarming Party  Chances are, everyone in the neighborhood is as anxious and curious to meet you as you are to meet them. You never know, you guys might not be the only newbies on the block. There’s absolutely no etiquette rule that says you can’t throw yourself a housewarming party. If you have friends who live nearby, invite them too, so that everyone isn’t a brand new face. But it’s totally cool if everyone there are complete strangers, too! Make it clear on the invitation that gifts aren’t expected. Just come as you are and get to know one another. Go Introduce Yourself  If you’re not much of a party planner, you can also go it one-on-one. Pick one house each week and just walk over and introduce yourself. If you feel awkward doing that, go with some goodies like fresh-baked muffins or a delicacy from where you came from. Did you move from the deep South? Maybe they’ve never tried fried green tomatoes! Hail from New England? They might have never experienced authentic clam chowder. One whiff of your offerings, and any thoughts of awkwardness go out the window. Be the Couple with the Amazing Hot Tub that Everyone Wants to Meet  Of course, the sure fire way to make new friends is to be the folks with the hot tub. No one in their right mind turns down the opportunity to soak away their cares while those massage jets pound away the tension and, of course, stress over meeting new people. And when the neighbors can’t make it? Just enjoy it by yourselves! Fronhesier Pools has an impressive lineup of spas to choose from. From a state-of-the-art Caldera model to a surprisingly affordable and easy Freeflow plug-and-play spa, the choices you have are exceptional! If you’ve just moved to the area, we would love to meet you, and give you some new friendly faces to know at your local pool and spa store. We’ll be here to help you with your purchase, as well as the ownership and maintenance of your incredible new spa. Welcome to the area, neighbor!  
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