The Perfect Hot Tub for Military Families

perfect hot tub for military families
If you are in the military, then you know that inevitably, at some point, you are going to have to move. Moving every 2-3 years (at least) is fairly standard for military families. You may have thought that due to this nomadic lifestyle, owning a hot tub wasn’t in the cards for you. It turns out that is not the case. Freeflow™ Spas makes several models that are the perfect hot tub for military families. Lightweight, durable, affordable, and completely portable, a Freeform hot tub could easily become a part of your life.  

How They Are Made

Freeflow hot tubs are made by a process called “rotomolding”. Polyethylene resin is poured into a hot tub mold and cooled. The result is a unibody hot tub where the shell and cabinet are one unit. There is no heavy internal structure or fiberglass to weigh things down.  Click this link to a short YouTube video showing how they are made.   


A benefit to this manufacturing process is that it costs less to make hot tubs with this method. That lower manufacturing cost is passed on to you, which makes a Freeflow spa more affordable to young families on a budget. The great thing is, the equipment components such as the heater and jet pump are the exact same quality as higher-priced models.  

Lightweight to Move

A standard hot tub weighs more than 1000 pounds without water. A Freeflow spa weighs in closer to 300 pounds without water. This weight is portable without a lot of fuss. Take a look at this Fronheiser Pools blog article “Can Your Hot Tub Move With You” for some great tips on a DIY hot tub move.  

Where Can You Put It?

Freeflow Spas has models that can fit on condo balconies or small garden patios. It is the perfect solution for a renter because there is no custom installation required, and you can take it with you when you leave. In short, move it across the yard or across the country!    

What is Plug-N-Play?

A “Plug-N-Play” hot tub is quick and easy to set up. It runs on 110V so it does not require any special wiring. You simply put it in place, fill it up, plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and enjoy it.   In the military? Move a lot? Wish you could have a hot tub? Freeflow spas are the perfect hot tub for military families. They are durable, affordable, lightweight, well-made, and portable. Reassigned? Take your Freeflow hot tub with you. They can provide a lot of joy to your family for years to come. You can move them across the country or to another part of your yard, and your family will be able to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub wherever you are.  Fronheiser Pools is proud to carry Freeflow Spas. Take a look at our website to see the models we offer. We would love to have you become a part of our Fronheiser family. Give us a call for more information.
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