Tips for Maintaining Your Pool Cover

maintaining your pool cover
When we think of maintaining a pool, we think of cleaning it, keeping the chemicals balanced, and checking equipment such as the pump and filter. That being said, there is one more component of our swimming pool maintenance that isn’t discussed as much, and that is how to care for our pool covers. There are three main types of pool covers and each has its own particular needs. We would like to share some tips for maintaining your pool cover that have been shown to keep them in good condition over time.  

Automatic Pool Covers

  • If you have an automatic pool cover, you must keep debris cleared from its surface. Once you open the cover, all that debris would fall into the water if not dealt with in advance. You can use a leaf blower, garden hose, or a brush with a telescopic handle to tackle this task. If water has pooled up on the surface of the cover, use a cover pump to remove the excess water. 
  • In winter, do not allow snow to build up on the cover’s surface. Remove it as it forms and use the cover pump to remove melted snow water.
  • Every 3 to 6 months, clean the surface of the cover thoroughly. Reel it out in sections and clean each segment with a mild detergent solution. Brush the surface lightly with your telescoping brush and rinse any residue off with a garden hose. When clean, if any water remains pooled on the cover surface, use the cover pump to remove it.
  • Clean the tracks by spraying with a garden hose.
  • Get in the habit of spraying the reel components with a Teflon-based lubricant.
  • Check and clean the motor housing at least once a year.
  • Inspect the cover for rips and tears periodically, and use a patch kit to repair.
  • Always leave your automatic cover open for at least two hours after adding chemicals to the pool water.

Solid Pool Covers

  • Your solid pool cover should be thoroughly cleaned every spring when you remove it for storage. Many people like to use a power washer to clean off the debris that has accumulated on the cover surface during the winter months. You can also use your telescoping brush and a mild detergent solution to clean it. There are special enzyme-based cleaners that do the job too. If any mold has formed on your solid pool cover, a mild bleach solution will remove it. 
  • In winter, do not allow snow to build up. Brush it off as it forms, and use the cover pump to remove excess melted snow water. 
  • The water level should not be too low or too high. Just below the midpoint of the skimmer is about right.
  • Make sure your solid cover is completely dry before storing it. You do not want to risk any mold growing on it in damp storage conditions.

Mesh Pool Covers

  • Mesh covers are ideal for winter use. When using your mesh cover as a winter cover, be sure the water level is not too low. Do not allow the water level to drop below 18 inches. 
  • Check the spring tension periodically and tighten if the cover seems to be sagging. Cover springs should be compressed about halfway. The cover should look taut with a slight depression in the middle.
  • Mesh covers are thought to be the easiest to maintain. Because of their more open construction, it is more difficult for mold to form. Clean your mesh cover with a push broom to remove loose debris. If necessary, wash the cover with a mild mixture of chlorine and water. Be sure it is completely dry before storing. 
  Swimming pool covers are sometimes overlooked when we discuss pool maintenance. These tips for maintaining your pool cover should ensure that they give you years of good service. Fronheiser Pools can help with all your pool needs from supplies, service, maintenance, and repairs.  
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