Turn Your Backyard into the Coolest Place This Summer

The National Weather Service is predicting that this summer we may experience somewhat warmer temperatures in many parts of the country. After a long winter, most of us are looking forward to some warmer days. We look forward to sunny afternoons basking in the rays by the side of our pools, sunhats in place, and new sunglasses ready to go. But wait, how hot is it going to be? Is your backyard set up to be a retreat from the heat? Before you decide you need to freeze your bedsheets and stock up on popsicles, let’s look at some ideas on how you can turn your backyard into the coolest place this summer.  

Create Some Shade

How are you fixed for shade? There are some inexpensive, colorful, and easy to install shade sails that you can easily rig up between your house and nearby trees. They are aesthetically pleasing and really do the trick to reduce the heat on your patio or poolside. A couple of strategically placed patio umbrellas can achieve a similar effect.   

Shoot the Breeze

If you have a covered patio, installing a ceiling fan can make you feel as if the temperature has gone down significantly. Moving that air around could keep you more comfortable both day and night. Imagine yourself in your rocking chair, iced tea and best-seller in hand, with those cooling breezes caressing your skin.  

Drinks, Anyone?

There is nothing like an outdoor drinks bar to lure people outside. Tucked into a corner of your patio, an outside bar becomes a convenient extension of your living space. It could be as simple as a rolling cart with an ice bucket, but could also be something more permanent. Having an outside refrigerator to keep your sodas and other beverages cold is the height of luxury.   

Add a Water Feature

A water feature is a sure-fire way to lower the temperature in your backyard. Not only is the sound of trickling water mentally soothing, but it turns out when the water evaporates into the air, it creates its own microclimate, cooling the air by as much as 10 degrees! If you want to cool things off in the backyard, a fountain or other water feature is the way to go.  

Dine Al Fresco

Having your meals outside is a great way to beat the heat. String up some fairy lights and invest in a sweet little bistro set, and start dining a deux outside under the stars. Create an intimate setting, and find yourself sitting outside enjoying the conversation well into the cooler temperatures of the evening. With a seasonally appropriate menu and cocktails in hand, you may discover that you want to stay put long after the sun goes down.  

Turn the Hot Tub into a Cool Tub

When the mercury rises, a dip in the hot tub may not come to mind. However, did you know that you can lower the temperature in your hot tub and turn it into a cool tub? Turn off the heater and remove the cover. Freeze a few gallon jugs of water and add those to the spa to speed up the cooling process. Turn on the jets and the cooling will happen even faster. For the ultimate in hot tub transformations, ask the pros at Fronheiser about Caldera’s Cool Zone™ technology for maximum cool tub enjoyment.   You really can turn your backyard into the coolest place this summer! Don’t let yourself get beat by the heat. The experts at Fronheiser Pools are here to help with all your pool, spa, and backyard needs. Give us a call or stop by our showrooms for some inspiration on how to bring the temperature in your backyard down a notch!  
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