Turn your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer!

You’ve been longing for a luxurious hot tub for those cool fall and winter evenings. The thought of slipping away to relax at the end of each day is something you dream of. But, is spring really the best time to buy? Once the weather warms up, won’t you have to wait through spring in summer to be able to use it? No more! Turn your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer. Let us introduce you to Caldera’s CoolZoneTM technology – your year-round ally for the ultimate in hot tub enjoyment.

What is CoolZoneTM?

With a quick change on your spa’s control panel, Caldera’s transformational CoolZoneTM technology turns your hot tub into a cool tub. Cool the water on the hottest of days and warm it back up for the evening. This easy-to-use technology allows for year-round use of your hot tub. It’s perfect for families with kids or grandkids, a cool retreat for adults, and a perfect recovery cove for athletes. You’ll be able to lower your water as low as 60 degrees. Raise the water temperature back up to as high as 104 degrees in just a few hours. Incredibly energy-efficient, you’ll enjoy your Caldera hot tub to the max.

How to Add the Best in Backyard Recreation

It’s never been easier to add the best in hot tub relaxation to your life. And a hot tub that can be used year-round is incredible! That’s why Fronheiser Pools offers you one of the best brands in the world – Caldera®. We invite you to see for yourself just how wonderful your own backyard hot tub can be. With two convenient locations in Bally and Sinking Spring, our exceptional customer care team can get you connected with the perfect hot tub for you. Contact us today at (610) 845-2221 to discuss your options. You’ll have the summer of a lifetime with your new CoolZoneTM temperature-controlled spa.  
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