What are the pool regulations for Pennsylvania?

It’s summertime and this year is the perfect opportunity to invest in your home. What better way to bring the thrills of summer to your own backyard than with a beautiful backyard pool. But what are the pool regulations for residential pools in Pennsylvania? Here are a few things you’ll need to add with your pool.

State and Local Regulations

If you are installing a pool this year, make sure you are up to date on local building codes and rules that apply to your area. For Pennsylvania properties, there are some requirements that must be met. You’ll also want to check with your local municipality to make sure there aren’t further requirements. Pool installation regulations are set to make sure that there is a barrier between your water and the public. This helps to prevent accidents and keep those you love safe.
  1. If you have a body of water (even a little kid plastic or inflatable pool) that is more than 24” deep, it is considered a pool and must meet all requirements, including fencing.
  2. For any pool, your fence or wall must be 48” tall to prevent entrance by children, animals or people who might try to access the pool. If you have an above-ground pool, the walls of the pool can count as your pool barrier wall (your “fence”), if the walls are 48” tall from ground to ledge, and if you have a lockable ladder.
  3. For your 48” walls or fence, there must be at least 46” between the bottom and top rail to prevent climbing.
  4. Any gate that is installed in your fence must be self-closing and latch automatically. If you are using your house as one of your barrier walls, but there is an entrance to the pool from a back door, sliding glass door, etc., the door(s) that has access to the pool must have an alarm.

The Perfect Partner

When working with Fronheiser Pools, we are in-the-know on everything needed for a proper local installation. Our installation crew are experts on making sure your pool meets or exceeds all safety regulations for your municipality. You can trust that your pool will be installed correctly and up to code. Check out our incredible gallery for photos of what Fronheiser Pools can build for you.  
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