What are the Typical Dimensions of a Hot Tub?

You want that personal spa experience in your backyard. But do you have room? Hot tubs come in a generous variety of sizes, from compact plug-and-play spas all the way up to roomy “party tubs”. When sizing your spa, remember to leave room for steps, any seating you want around the hot tub, storage for equipment and supplies (like removable accessories, towels, water care products, and spare filters), and enough room to get in and out of the spa and socialize. Most hot tub owners also want to make room for landscaping, planters, or other items as decor. Now, let’s talk about particular hot tub dimensions.

Size Matters

Compact 2-person hot tubs are very popular with singles and couples. This size is ideal for for therapeutic purposes, as well as those romantic date nights. But you won’t be doing any entertaining in a 2-seater spa! Mid-size hot tubs seat four to six people, a perfect size for families and light entertaining (think inviting over the couple from next door). If you like to do much more entertaining than that, consider a larger model, such as a 7 to 8 person hot tub. While hot tubs aren’t standardized from one company to another, manufacturers like Caldera and Freeflow have been around long enough to understand what sizes typically work in ordinary backyard environments. You’ll almost certainly find a size that fits ideally into your outdoor living space.  If you opt for a cover lifter (which we strongly recommend), leave a little extra space around your hot tub. These covers lift off the spa and to the side, requiring a few extra inches of clearance.

Plan with the Pros

Finding the perfect hot tub doesn’t have to be a hassle. Contact the professionals at Fronheiser Pools for expert advice and quality service. You’ll see why customers have trusted us to install and maintain their pools and spas for more than 50 years. Give us a call at (610) 845-2221, and be sure to check out our online selection of affordable Caldera and Freeflow Spas. You’re sure to find the perfect dimensions to fit your backyard, your budget, and of course, your lifestyle.
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