What do I do if somebody poops in my pool?

Although a candy bar Caddyshack pool scene is hysterically funny in the movies, the situation is not so funny if a real deal “doodie” happens to be floating in your pool! Should you drain the pool and sterilize the whole thing with bleach? Or is there another way to get your water clean? Here’s what you SHOULD do and SHOULDN’T do if someone poops in your pool.

Clean-up Matters

A good and healthy clean-up will get you back to swimming in no time. Here are a few tips that can get you back to dreamy summer days.
  1. As soon as the excrement is discovered, evacuate and close the pool.
  2. Remove the contaminant quickly and dispose of the “gift” properly. Hardened stool is mainly contained, so if it is discovered quickly and removed from the water promptly, there’s very little damage done.
  3. You can use your net or a bucket to scoop out the contaminant. Then disinfect your scooper properly before using it again, or just discard it. This will help prevent the spread of any germs.
  4. DO NOT use your manual or automated vacuum for clean-up. Once the contaminant is sucked up into your vacuum lines or pool filter, you are going to have problems undoing the damage, and recontamination can occur.
  5. Shock your pool and raise the free chlorine level. According to the CDC, you should “raise the free chlorine concentration to, or maintain it at, 2 parts per million (ppm) and maintain the pH at 7.5 or less for 30 minutes.”

Got Poops? Let Us Help

Still worried about your water? Check out our online store for all of the chemical and water testing supplies that you need. Or, schedule your free curbside water testing appointment by calling 610.845.2221. Bring your water test bottle with a sample of your pool or spa water to your scheduled appointment. Please label the test bottle with your name and leave it in the marked bin by the front door. Then, just wait in your car while we perform the water test. We will call you with your results and our recommendations for the products you will need to balance your pool or spa water. If you’d like to go ahead and get those products while you are here, we can deliver those curbside, as well. At Fronheiser Pools, we are committed to getting you back to swimming doodie-free, ASAP!
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