What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

You’ve probably heard that there is a best time of year to purchase a new car or a best time of year to get into a new home. Have you ever wondered though, what is the best time of year to buy a hot tub? If you weren’t in the market for a hot tub before, you’ve probably never thought about it.  Does the time of year even matter? If you’re currently considering buying a hot tub, it may be something to start thinking about. Here are some considerations for when to buy a hot tub.

In the Fall

During the spring and summer, the hot tub business is booming. People are looking for ways to create memories and enjoy the great outdoors. The days are long and the nights are warm, and hot tubs are the perfect way to relax in the summertime. But, once fall sets in and regular routines start back, people don’t have as much time for soaking in a spa. This means you can usually find some great deals, and a fairly large selection of hot tubs to choose from for a great price. The fall is one of the best times to shop for a hot tub! 

Late in the Year and Early the Next Year

As with many products, new models come out around the start of a new year and space is limited on showroom floors. It’s a classic case of out with the old, in with the new. As long as you’re not concerned with having the newest model on the market, there are deals to be had on last year’s hot tubs at the end of the year. The best time of year to buy a hot tub is usually at the unveiling of newer units. 

During Special Events and Holiday Promotions

Dealers will often offer discount pricing during special events and around certain holidays. If you have your eye on a specific hot tub and you’re not sure when the dealers in your area offer these promos, keep an eye on their website. Following your local dealer on social media is also a good idea. Hot Tub dealers frequently post about their upcoming sales on their Facebook and Instagram pages, so keeping an eye on those will keep you informed.

Extra Considerations

When you’re shopping for a discounted hot tub, choices are limited to what the showroom has in stock. Anything that has to be ordered is unlikely to be discounted. It’s best to keep an open mind about specifications. However, don’t let go of features that are really important to you. The longer you wait in a sale, the less selection there will be. 

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