What size hot tub should I buy?

Well, that’s a loaded question, isn’t it? When you’re shopping for a spa there’s a lot to consider. And while it’s easy to be distracted by features – jets, waterfalls, LED lights, entertainment systems and more – you need to be sure to pay attention to the fundamentals, too.

And little is more fundamental than size.

First of all – how large is the area where you’ll be installing the hot tub? The majority of installations are outside, which makes size less of a consideration, but it’s still something to think about, especially if you’re planning to tuck your hot tub into an outdoor nook or install it on a small patio or deck. Consider, too, the path to your install location. If the team needs to travel down a path between two buildings or through a gate, the size of the hot tub you choose will be a factor.

Second – how many people do you know? If location isn’t a factor, you’ll want to choose a hot tub that allows you to fit as many people as possible. It’s something we see time and time again – customers who truly believe only they and their significant other will use the hot tub, but as soon as their grown children and neighbors find out about their purchase, there are people over all the time. They enjoy the company, but wish they’d gone with the larger tub.

If you just aren’t sure what size hot tub you need, call us or stop by. Our professional sales team can help you determine what will fit your lifestyle best – from a 2-3 person spa that will tuck perfectly in that private spot off your master suite, to a party-sized tub that will hold up to 9 adults. We can discuss all the options with you so that you end up with a spa you’ll love for years.

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