What’s On Your Pool Renovation Wishlist?

These days many of us have a lot of extra time to spend dreaming about what we’d like to change about our homes and outdoor spaces. We have more time to iron out the details of the exciting updates and innovative features we want to add. So, what’s on your pool renovation wishlist? We have some suggestions that will turn your backyard into a dream destination, located just steps from your house!  

Transformative Decking

New decking can completely change the look of your pool. There is a multitude of choices when it comes to remodeling the surfaces that surround your pool. Wood, stone, composite, and pavers are some of the materials that will transform your outside space with a completely stunning new aesthetic. The area that surrounds your pool is like the frame of a painting, enhancing its beauty.  

Get Creative with Landscaping

A pool renovation can bring with it some disruption to your poolside landscaping. Look at it as an opportunity to change out some problematic landscape features such as a lack of shade or privacy, trees that shed, or bushes that attract bees. This may be the perfect time to add that shady lanai, a few lacy-leafed Japanese maples, and some fragrant low-maintenance shrubs.  

Add an Entertainment Area

You are going to be so delighted with your new backyard oasis, that you will want to spend loads of time in it. That means more entertaining. Consider adding an outside built-in grill area or outdoor kitchen where you can provide all sorts of culinary delights for your guests and family. Or how about a cozy sitting area complete with a fire pit for gathering around to do some stargazing?  

Design an Outside Living Area

Bring all the comforts of your home outside to the pool area with stylish and comfortable new furnishings. The basic idea is to have furniture that is inviting to sit on, tables to hold your drinks, decorative pillows for color and comfort, and more. You want to create an area that beckons people to sit and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the joy of each other’s company.  

Go Overboard with Lighting

There are so many ways to elevate the look of your backyard with lighting. Don’t hold back. Obviously, you will want to illuminate walkways and steps, but there is so much more you can do. You can install lighting in your landscaping to highlight trees or other plant features. You can have overhead lighting that creates a dreamy romantic atmosphere.  Naturally, if you have added outdoor features such as entertainment areas, water features, or decorative planters you will want to focus some lighting on them. Besides being functional, outdoor lighting greatly elevates your backyard aesthetic.  

Take Your Pool from Ordinary to Extraordinary

You can take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary with any number of exciting additional features. There is nothing so soothing as the sound of a waterfall or fountain in a swimming pool. Jets, bubblers, and sprinklers are other available options for water elements. Adjustable LED lighting in the pool itself can change color with your mood or whim. Also, remember that a big part of your pool enjoyment is sunning. Tanning ledges have become an innovative and very popular feature in pools. Relax, catch some rays, and don’t forget your sunblock!   You may have a longer wait right now to get your new pool installed or your older pool renovated, but you can take advantage of the time to plan a truly extraordinary outdoor paradise. You can choose from so many outstanding features that will heighten your enjoyment of your backyard for years to come. We hope you picked up a few new ideas to add to your pool renovation wishlist! Fronheiser Pools is a family-owned business that has been in operation since1965. Our local experience, award-winning designs, and quality construction set us apart from our competitors. A Fronheiser pool is worth the wait.
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