When Should I Close My Pool in Berks County, PA?

Close your pool the right way with Fronheiser Pools
One of the most common questions we get at Fronheiser Pools is “When should I close my pool in Berks County, PA?” Nothing signals the official end of summer more than shutting down the swimming pool for the season. Closing the pool too early invites a slew of problems, none of which you want to face when reopening it in the spring. Closing it down too late can cause expensive damage to equipment due to freezing temperatures. You have the option to close your swimming pool yourself or hire the professionals at Fronheiser to do the job for you. But when should this important task take place? 

Conditions for Closing Your Pool

One of a pool owner’s biggest responsibilities is to properly prepare their pool for winter. All experts agree that the right time to close the pool after the summer season is when temperatures are consistently below 60-65° and before evening temperatures start to fall below freezing. In particular, the water temperature should be 65° or below. In Berks County, PA, that time of year is typically mid-October.

What Happens If You Close Your Pool Too Early?

Closing your pool before daytime temperatures are consistently below 65° can cause a number of problems. The first is that algae will certainly begin to grow in the water’s warm environment. Believe us when we tell you that removing your pool cover to discover a thick green soup in the spring is not something you want to experience. Another issue is that the chemicals used for pool closing are effective for around six months, which may not be long enough to last until pool re-opening in the spring if you close too soon. Additionally, pool closing chemicals are used up much faster in warm water. 

What If You Close Too Late in the Season?

On the other hand, if you wait too late into the fall season to close your swimming pool, you are inviting some potentially major problems. It is important to close your pool before nighttime temperatures are below freezing. When you properly winterize your pool for the season, you ensure that your equipment does not freeze. If you don’t close your pool, and the pipes still have water in them during a freeze, they could burst. The same thing can happen to your pool pump — an expensive replacement for sure. A pool filter can withstand a lot of pressure but is not up to dealing with expanding ice. In some cases, the tank itself can crack or leak, another costly replacement.  Closing your pool properly in the fall is the number one thing you can do to ensure that when you reopen it for the spring season all will be as it should be. If you are asking “When should I close my pool in Berks County, PA?” the answer is pretty simple. You should winterize your pool when daytime temperatures are around 65°, the water temperature is around 60-65°, and before it begins to freeze at night. In our area of the state, that is usually mid-October. It is important to pay attention to what the weather is doing, and not an arbitrary date on the calendar, however. Fronheiser Pools offers pool closing services to our clients and can take the fuss and worry out of your hands. You can schedule pool closing service with us or come by our showrooms and consult with our professionals if you go the DIY route. We have all the pool closing supplies and chemicals you need if you decide to do the job on your own. We are here to help!
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