Where Can I Get a Great Deal on Pool Equipment?

Pool equipment and supplies for a well maintained pool
If you have ever asked yourself “Where can I get a great deal on pool equipment?” there is a simple answer. The most convenient place to purchase all your pool equipment and supplies in Berks County, Pennsylvania, is Fronheiser Pools! We have everything under one roof, with a professional staff who can advise on what equipment you need and how to use it. With two locations in Sinking Spring and Bally, plus the option to order online, we’ve got you covered. Wondering what sorts of equipment and supplies we carry? Read on!

Start With the Big Stuff

Your pool’s circulation system is the key to keeping your water moving and your pool clean and healthy. When it comes time to upgrade to that new variable speed pump you know you need, look no further. Fronheiser Pools carries the highest quality brands on the market. Filtration system? Whatever type of filter you have for your pool — cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth — we have the supplies you need. In addition, if you have a saltwater system, we can help with that as well. Plus, you can trust that our staff is experienced in answering all your questions regarding the care and maintenance of your larger pool equipment units.

Equipment for Cleaning and Maintenance

With an updated pool pump and well-maintained filtration system, you are well on your way to having a sparkling, clean, and inviting swimming pool. However, there is no getting around the fact that from time to time a bit of elbow grease on your part may be required to keep things in perfect shape. What basic tools do you need for regular maintenance?
  • A net skimmer makes quick work of collecting leaves and larger debris that has fallen into the pool.
  • A pool brush with a telescoping handle will make cleaning the sides, stairs, and waterline of your pool a breeze. 
  • There is nothing like a robotic pool vacuum to cut your pool cleaning time down. Fronheiser carries the Pentair Prowler® models, which our clients rave about. And no wonder. Imagine sitting poolside with your book and drink of choice while the pool vac does all the work.

Pool Chemicals

Think you need a PhD to understand pool chemistry? Nope, it’s not that complicated. Fronheiser Pools carries all the pool chemicals you need, all in one spot. And our prices are competitive too. In particular, if you take advantage of the convenience of ordering from us online, you can save 5% on each order. In case that isn’t enough of an incentive, our professional staff are experts on the subject of pool chemicals and can answer all your questions on what products will suit your needs or specific issues. What are some basics to keep on hand?
  • A chemical test kit or test strips are the first order of business. You will need to test your pool water weekly to make sure all your levels are balanced. We can give you basic guidelines as to what the proper levels should be, and even test your water for you. Now that is not a service you are going to get from the big box store.
  • Chlorine or other sanitizers
  • Increasers/decreasers for alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness
  • Algaecide
  • Shock
  • Clarifier
  • Stain remover, if needed
  Fronheiser Pools carries poolife® brand pool chemicals. Their printable Pool Care Guide gives helpful guidelines for basic chemical levels and solutions to common water quality issues.  There you have it! No need to scratch your head and wonder ‘Where can I get a great deal on pool equipment?” Fronheiser Pools has everything you need — from larger items such as pumps and filters to general maintenance supplies, pool vacuums, and chemicals. Our prices are competitive, and our staff has the training and experience to answer your pool-related questions. Our goal is to develop a relationship with our customers that goes beyond the sale. You can count on us to provide you with the very best pool products and services available.  
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