Which Caldera Spa Is Best for My Family? Our Top 3 Picks

Caldera spa
As a Caldera® dealer, Fronheiser Pools can testify that Caldera Spas are high quality and worth the investment. But you might be wondering, “Which one is best for my family?” While it depends on what your needs are, there are a few hot tub models better suited for families — especially those with little ones.  Our top three picks are Cantabria® from the Utopia® series, Reunion® from the Paradise® series, and Celio™ from the Vacanza® series.

Caldera Spas Series Explained

Utopia Series

Packed with high-performing features, including its powerhouse hydrotherapy, the Utopia series’ spas are truly beauties to behold. Their design and quality level are just astonishing. Providing touchscreen controls and stunning cabinetry, this higher-end series carries large tubs that seat mostly 6-8 adults, which are ideal for the whole family. 

Paradise Series

Caldera’s popular series, Paradise, features hot tubs designed for daily use. Additionally, they also provide impressive wellness benefits. Perfect for family time and socialization, these comfortable models are sized for three to seven adults. Known for their combination of practicality and luxury, models in this series are highly recommended for families.  

Vacanza Series

Designed to provide all the wonderful benefits of a higher-end spa, the Vacanza series offers cost-effective spas while maintaining premium quality. The series specializes in providing hydrotherapy and wellness benefits, with jet configurations that target those tense muscles. Vacanza models seat anywhere from two to seven people. 

The Best Caldera Spas Options for Families

While we can’t dive into every single Caldera Spa (otherwise we’d be here all day), we’ve chosen three of the best Caldera options for families to help you narrow down the ideal one for you. 


One of the highest rated out of the Utopia® series, the Cantabria can fit up to eight people at a time. Among its amazing features is its UltraMassage® lounge with a customizable UltraMasseuse® system. This spa has such powerful massage features that it comes with 74 jets and six sequences for them. caldera spa An important feature, too, that will be beneficial for families with kids, is its step. Conveniently placed at the tub’s entrance, it’s high enough for a young child to sit or stand, keeping them boosted in the water for optimum enjoyment.


The Reunion is nestled in that perfect in-between of great value and practicality with powerhouse, luxurious features. One of its best features is that it’s easy to maintain, which will relieve you of some cleaning time so you can focus more on the precious time you have with your loved ones. Other benefits of this hot tub include its hydrotherapy jets, providing a full-body massage, and its open-seat design — perfect for connecting and creating special moments. 


While this one is more suited for smaller families or a bonding experience with your child, it’s still worth considering. The Celio offers unique seating that encourages conversation for those important one-on-ones with a loved one. Additionally, this is our most affordable pick.  

Including Children in Your Hot Tub Experience

A Gentle Safety Reminder

If you have young children, there are some considerations you need to take before letting them join in on the family soak. While there’s contrasting information on the topic, it’s not recommended that toddlers or any child under the age of five get into a hot tub. Some children can become overheated at 100 degrees or higher, so adjusting your spa settings to about 98 degrees is better.  Additionally, you should never leave a young child unattended in a hot tub, even if they can comfortably stand on their own and have their head above the water.  Caldera spa

Made Your Decision? Stop by Fronheiser Pools

If you’re ready to form real connections through hot tub bonding time with your family members, make sure to stop by Fronheiser Pools. We currently carry all models in Caldera’s Utopia, Paradise and Vacanza series. Contact us or check out our showrooms in Bally and Sinking Spring as soon as possible. You’ll love the special time with your children and grandchildren while relaxing on a regular basis.
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