Who Needs a Home Gym? 5 Ways to Get Fit in a Backyard Pool

When you want the best in home fitness, we have just the thing to meet your needs – a backyard pool! Having your own pool is an excellent way to get a whole-body workout, stay flexible and limber, and decrease impact on your joints. All-in-all, it’s the best way to bring health home. So, ditch that gym membership! Let’s take a look at ways to get fit in a backyard pool.

You don’t need a gym! Try the wonders of water.

We know that water is good to bring inside of the body, but water can also have an incredible impact outside of the body. Igor Porciuncula of Boot Camp H20 notes that water “offers heavy resistance” — 12 times more, in fact, than the resistance of air. When you are moving through the water, your muscles are pushing against that resistance, letting you gain strength, flexibility, and endurance. It’s truly a way to engage your whole body in beneficial, low-impact, high-resistance exercise. Plus, water is an exceptional fat burner – giving you the results you want in a pleasurable space you’ll enjoy. Try these innovative ways to build your health.

It’s Not Just Jogging

The go-to exercise for beginners and accomplished athletes alike, jogging at the gym is an all-round great exercise. But jogging in water is also a powerful and effective way to use the water to your advantage. If your pool is circular and you can make a current, run or jog in one direction. When the current is strong, reverse direction for added resistance. Or, run laps in a freeform or rectangular pool. You’ll burn up to 17 calories per minute and build your legs, back, and core.

Aquatic Weights or Paddles

Weights aren’t just for body builders. Aquatic weights can be used from kids to seniors, allowing you to build needed muscle. Paddles are also an excellent option. By pushing your exercise paddles through the water, you use the resistance of the water to build and tone your arms and core.

The Perfect Plank

Everyone’s seen the plank challenge that went viral the past few years. Do you think that you don’t have what it takes to pull one off? All that changes when you are in the water. Grab a pool noodle. As you push the pool noodle straight down in the water, bring your legs and body level with the water line. Hold the position for one to two minutes with your head out of the water. You’ll be amazed at how your arms and core feel after this great workout.

Tricep Dips and Leg Squats

Finally, use the water to tone your arms and legs. You can use the edge of the pool to dip you up and down into the water to build your triceps. The water will push and pull against your body, giving you the resistance you need for excellent results. You can also utilize the bottom of the pool for squats. In waist deep water, put your feet in a semi-wide stance. Pull your arms up, straight and slightly apart, to lend balance. Then sit back like you are ready to sit in a chair. Immediately, you’ll feel the push going down into the water and the resistance pull coming back up. Do as many reps as you are able and build on your endurance each day. You might already have a backyard pool. If so, get excited, because your fitness just got a whole lot easier. And if you don’t have the pool of your dreams quite yet, we know right where you can find one. There’s no need for a gym membership! With the perfect pool from Fronheiser Pools, you can get fit, stay limber, and work out your entire body with ease. Check out our pool gallery. Then call us today for your free consultation.
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