Who Opens Swimming Pools in Berks County, PA?

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Your swimming pool has been closed for the winter season, and you are dreaming of warm spring days spent in the sparkling blue water of your inground pool.  But who opens swimming pools in Berks County, PA? Even though you can’t wait to dive in, does the prospect of opening your pool for the spring season seem daunting? If you had your pool built by Fronheiser Pools, you are in luck. Look no further. Fronheiser Pools’ expert team of pool professionals can summerize your pool for you and have you enjoying your pool as soon as the weather warms up. Read on to learn more about the service we provide when we open your swimming pool.

Remove the Pool Cover

The first order of business in opening a pool for the spring season is to remove debris from the pool cover, clean it, and lay it out to dry before storing. Taking good care of the pool cover is essential to prolong its life and to keep it in good condition for use again when the swim season is over. 

Replace Fittings

We will replace any slides, stair railings, ladders, and other accessories. Anything that was removed from the pool at the end of swim season will be reinstalled.

Inspect the Pool and Equipment

We will carefully inspect the pool for any cracks or other damage that may have occurred over the winter. In addition, our team will check your filter to ensure it is in good condition. We will inspect the pump and heater. Finally, we will turn the system back on and check for leaks, unusual noises, and other irregularities.  We will list any necessary or recommended repairs.

Water Level

We will raise the pool water to the correct level. During the winter, some evaporation will have taken place and, usually, water needs to be added when the pool is opened in the spring. 

Water Chemistry

Our pros will test your pool water and make all the necessary adjustments to restore the water to the proper chemical balance. The alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness will all be brought to the correct level, and algaecide added if necessary.

Thorough Cleaning

After the chemical balance is squared away, we will completely clean the pool. We will brush the walls and vacuum the floor of the pool to remove any sediment. We will pay special attention to the areas around steps, ladders, and all nooks and crannies. 


The final step in your spring pool opening is to shock the pool water. An extra dose of chlorine or other sanitizer will ensure that any remaining contaminants, bacteria, or algae in the pool are eliminated.  Berks County, PA: Who Opens Swimming Pools Near Me? As you can see, there are a lot of steps to opening a swimming pool for the spring season. Now, you could perform all these tasks yourself, but why should you? You may, as many others do, feel overwhelmed by the chore. Calling in a team of professional pool technicians to take care of this job for you is a no-brainer. Who opens swimming pools in Berks County, PA? Look no further than Fronheiser Pools. If we built your pool, you have a continuing relationship with us, and our full-time professional technicians are at your service to take care of all your pool needs. Don’t delay! Call now to get on our service schedule.
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