Why Does My Pool Chemistry Always Become Unbalanced When I Have a Pool Party?

Balance Your Pool Chemistry After a Pool Party
Planning a pool party? There is nothing like looking with pride at your pristine sparkling pool just before the guests arrive. It looks its absolute best, and a lot of work went into getting the water that clean and clear. It’s perfect. But there is a downside. Are you asking yourself, “Why does my pool chemistry always become unbalanced when I have a pool party?” As soon as the guests depart, or maybe even before that, your pool has become dingy looking, cloudy, and there may even be a ring of scum at the waterline. What happened? And how can you fix it? Fronheiser Pools is here to help get your pool restored to its former glory.

Heavy Bather Load

The reason your crystal-clear pool goes from sparkling aqua blue to cloudy and icky looking is due to something called “heavy bather load.” If you are entertaining and have a number of guests, no matter how clean they may be, they will bring with them into the pool substances that cause your pool chemistry to become unbalanced. Your pool chemicals are definitely out of whack. What are we talking about? Body lotion, sunscreen, body oils, perfumes, sweat, and yes, even urine will take a big toll on your water clarity. These substances combine with the chlorine in the pool to form “chloramines,” which you now need to get rid of. You may be wondering where to even begin to rectify the situation.

Assess the Pool Chemistry by Testing the Water

The first thing you want to do is see just what havoc has been done to your chemical levels. Get out your test kit and assess the situation so you can make adjustments to the levels. On average, these are the standard ranges you want to see:
  • pH: 7.2-7.6
  • Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 200-400 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid: 25-50 ppm

Snap Out of It with Pool Shock

After the party, your chlorine level will be depleted (a combined chlorine level of .5 or higher) and bacteria will be doing a happy dance. The extra boost of chlorine in pool shock will cause those pesky chloramines to break up as well as kill bacteria and other pathogens, including any budding algae. The ideal time to add shock to your pool is in the evening.

Brush Your Cares Away

Get out your telescoping pole and your handy pool brush. Give the sides of the pool a thorough brushing to dislodge any scummy particles that are still clinging to the walls. While you are at it, give the ladders, steps, and slide a going over as well. You aren’t just removing stubborn substances from the pool, you are stirring up the water, which helps to disperse the pool shock and make it work more efficiently. 

Clouds Still in Your Way?

Can’t see clearly now? Obstacles still in your way? The next step to achieving the pre-party, crystal-clear, sparkling pool water is to add a water clarifier to remove cloudy pool water. Clarifier causes any remaining particles to clump together so they can be picked up by your filter. Clarifier works great to clear up mild issues of cloudy pool water. If your situation is more dire, you may need a pool flocculant, which also causes particles to clump together, but in this case, they fall to the bottom of the pool and need to be vacuumed up.  When it comes to getting your pool chemistry back on track and your water restored to its pre-party glory, you will have to follow the steps outlined above. It is a process that could take a few days and cause you to run your filter more hours per day than usual. Now you know the answer to the question “Why does my pool chemistry always become unbalanced when I have a pool party?” and the procedure to correct it. Fronheiser Pools has all the water care supplies you need to help you achieve clear blue pool water. We have a good supply of pool chemicals on hand and our pricing is competitive. And if you have any questions about water testing or restoring your pool water to perfection, our expert staff is on hand to help.
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