Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Invest in New Outdoor Furniture

invest in new outdoor furniture
Outdoor furniture is a big investment. Naturally, we want to purchase quality pieces that will withstand the elements and last a good long time. More and more, we are now using our backyards as an extension of our indoor living spaces. In most cases, we want to continue the style and quality of our interiors through to our outdoor space. Since furnishing our outdoor spaces can be a big purchase, it is desirable to find the best deal possible. Is there a best time of year to make this purchase? Read on to find out why fall is the perfect time to invest in new outdoor furniture.

It’s All About Inventory

The main reason fall is a great time to purchase outdoor furniture is that brick-and-mortar stores need to clear out their inventory. Retailers need to clear floor space at the end of the summer season and make room for the newer models which will arrive after the holidays. The best way to clear inventory is by lowering prices. And this can mean big savings for you if you are looking for just the right outdoor furniture this year.

There is Less Demand

Another reason fall is the perfect time to purchase outdoor furniture is that in August and September the demand for it is at a low point. The “hot” time for furniture sales is in the spring when less frugal shoppers are sprucing up their outside decor for the summer months. By late summer/early fall, retailers often still have a good inventory supply, and the prices will have been reduced. You’ll love getting the furniture you need for your outdoor space.

You May Get Delivery Sooner

Since spring is the busiest time of year for outdoor furniture purchases, you will probably have to place a custom order. Suppliers are super busy filling orders, so there could be delivery delays. When you purchase your outdoor furniture in May, for example, it is disappointing news to hear you will not receive your order for eight to twelve weeks when the swim season will be nearly over. Purchasing later in the season in August or September, you often can select floor models at a reduced price and take possession immediately.  Now you know why fall is the perfect time to invest in new outdoor furniture. Savvy shoppers have done their research earlier in the season and have a good idea of what pieces they need to complete their outside decor. When the end-of-season sales start happening in August and September, they are ready to take advantage of the lower prices and get just what they want. The super frugal shopper may even wait until October for even greater savings, although the selection may be more limited.  Fronheiser Pools is proud to carry Telescope Casual outdoor furniture, which we think is the best quality on the market. Buyers can choose from wicker, resin, aluminum, and cast aluminum styles. We have models on display in our showrooms and can also do custom orders. Come on in and take a look at our discounted inventory. Fall is the perfect time to invest in outdoor furniture!  
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