Your Guide to G-Rated Hot Tub Games

The Whole Family Loves Playing Hot Tub Games
If your hot tub games aren’t already a regular part of family game night, you’re missing out! If you’ve owned your spa long, you already know that people of all ages love using the hot tub. It’s probably one of the few things your tweens and teens will voluntarily set aside their electronic devices for. Any time you spend together as a family in the hot tub will be fun. But if you want to take it to the next level — and get every member of the family psyched for family night — try out these family-friendly hot tub games that are some of our favorites at Fronheiser Pools.

Ping Pong Panic

The goal of this game is to avoid all the floating ping pong balls, as more and more balls are added to the water. This one will have the whole family shrieking with laughter. Here’s how to play. Start by adding 5 ping pong balls to the center of the hot tub. As they float around, do whatever it takes to avoid touching one. Blow it away when it comes near you, splash, make waves… just don’t let it hit you. Then, every 30 seconds, add five more balls to the water. If one of the floating balls touches you, you’re out. The last person remaining, wins!

Rubber Duckie Races

Pick your rubber duckie and then help him be the fastest to race to the other side by making waves or blowing air. If your duckie touches the other wall first, you win. Or, for a fun modification, let everyone pick a different type of floating toy or object and see who made the better pick. Will your floating plastic cup beat your son’s bath toy? Or will your daughter’s rubber duckie beat them all?

Waterproof Cards and Board Games

What’s your family’s favorite board game? There’s a good chance you can find a waterproof version of it. Or grab a waterproof deck of cards, set a floating table in the center of the hot tub (or a foam cooler lid or upside-down plastic bin lid makes a good substitution), and play a few rounds of Slapjack

Hot Tub Games Begin at Fronheiser Pools

In the world of hot tub game nights, the possibilities are endless, and the fun knows no bounds. So, whether you’re planning a game night with friends, family, or simply seeking a relaxing evening of entertainment for yourself, there’s a hot tub game waiting to be enjoyed. Need some inspiration for your next hot tub game night? Stop by one of our showrooms! At Fronheiser Pools, we offer an array of accessories, from toys to games that can help you create the perfect mood around your backyard hot tub oasis. And if you’re in the market for a hot tub to complement those incredible games and create the ultimate relaxation experience, we’ve got just the spa for you. Let us be your partner in turning your hot tub dreams into reality, ensuring countless memorable nights of fun and relaxation in the warm embrace of your own spa.  
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