Your Handy Checklist for Safe Swimming!

Summertime is approaching, and that means a lot of families can’t wait to get back in the pool. Before you let anyone dive into your backyard oasis, make sure you’re prepared for some safe swimming. Here’s a handy checklist from Fronheiser Pools, to help you get started:
  1. Never Leave Children Unattended

Always have someone watching kids in the water. The same goes for children outside the pool. The Red Cross reports that nearly 70% of children who drown were not expected to even go swimming. During gatherings, designate an adult as a “watcher,” to keep an eye on youngsters, even if a lifeguard is on duty. Also, learning CPR and first aid can be a lifesaver if something goes wrong.
  1. Secure Your Pool

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends surrounding your pool or spa with fencing at least four feet high. Many jurisdictions have even more stringent regulations when it comes to pool and spa fencing, locking mechanisms, and other security measures. A self-closing and self-latching gate is also highly recommended, as are door alarms for an extra layer of protection. Also, keep proper life-saving equipment on hand, such as life rings, shepherds hooks, and life vests.
  1. Cover Your Drains

Do not go into a pool or spa if a drain cover is missing or damaged. These items are inexpensive and readily available. Consider installing anti-entrapment drain covers, which are the standard for public pools and hot tubs and keep all original equipment well maintained and in good repair. Fronheiser Pools is a full -service pool and spa company, so give us a ring or schedule a service call online if your drain covers are in need of repair.
  1. Establish Safety Rules

This goes for kids and adults alike. Good practices include swimming with a buddy, never diving into a pool unless it’s in a designated area, and swimming sober. It’s a good idea to post your rules very visibly in the pool area, and refer to them regularly so that everyone knows you’re serious about maintaining the rules and keeping everyone safe.
  1. Keep Your Water Clean

Give your guests a safe pool or spa to enjoy. Regularly maintain your water to keep it clear and free of contaminants. This step is easy with help from Fronheiser Pools. Our team of expert pool technicians can help you with everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Give us a call today at (610) 845-2221 to learn about our year-round swimming pool services, and check out our complete pool and spa care guides on our website. It’s a great resource to help get your backyard ready for safe swimming this summer.
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