Don’t Make These Pool Maintenance Mistakes This Summer

If you are one of the fortunate individuals who own a swimming pool, you know the joys it can bring. You also know how important it is to perform careful and regular maintenance on your pool. Your intentions are good, but it is possible that you are getting a little lax about some details, or may not realize the importance of others. Fronheiser Pools would like to share a list of some common pitfalls that trip up even the most responsible pool owners. Don’t make these pool maintenance mistakes this summer!  

Not Testing Your Pool Water Weekly

It is essential to test your pool water weekly and make any necessary adjustments. Any imbalance in pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, or chlorine levels can be detected early and addressed before a small chemical imbalance becomes a major issue. This is one area in which you do not want to get lazy. Fronheiser Pools has test kits and expert advice to get you on the right track with water testing.  

Running the Filter Less Than 8 Hours a Day

To maintain good water clarity, your pool filter should run between 8 and 12 hours per day. This is especially true in warmer temperatures and during heavy pool usage. The bottom line is, the longer you run your filter, the fewer contaminants you will have in the water.  

Dumping Pool Shock Directly Into the Pool

Pool shock is a very concentrated form of chlorine. If added directly to the water, it could damage the surfaces of your pool. It is essential to dilute pool shock. You will need a five-gallon bucket of water and a stir stick. Dissolve the pool shock granules in the water, stirring until completely dissolved. Then when you add the shock to the pool, the chemicals will be dispersed and blend easily into the water.  

Shocking the Pool During the Day

Shocking your pool gets rid of chloramines that irritate your skin and eyes. It also tackles bacteria, algae, and residue that bathers leave behind in the water. It is best to shock your pool weekly, in the evening, and let the filter run for a continuous 8 hours. Shocking the pool during the day is not as effective because the UV rays from the sun greatly reduce free chlorine levels. It is also best to wait 8 hours before swimming after adding shock, due to the higher levels of chlorine in the water.   

Not Brushing Your Pool

You may be tempted to forgo brushing your pool and let the robotic vacuum do the cleaning for you. Robotic vacs are brilliant and have a prominent place in pool maintenance. However, they will not do as thorough a job of removing algae from the sides, waterline, and steps of your pool as brushing does. At least once a week, use a nylon brush on a telescoping pole to dislodge any algae and bacteria that could take hold. So definitely enjoy the convenience of your automatic pool vacuum, but don’t forget to brush as well.   A well-maintained swimming pool is a pool that is more pleasant to use, one that will last longer, and one that in the long run will be less work overall. Give your pool the care and upkeep it deserves and don’t make these pool maintenance mistakes this summer! Fronheiser Pools has been providing top-quality pool products for your best outdoor life since 1965. Pools are our business! Come see us today.
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