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Fronheiser uses the Matrix Pool System to build quality, long-lasting vinyl liner pools. The Matrix Pool System uses two types of polymers—Polystyrene resin and polypropylene. Both materials are made from 100% virgin material and complement each other impeccably.


The first step in the construction of a Gunite pool is the Excavation phase. Every pool project will begin with an already established location for the pool.

Steel Rebar

Fronheiser will come out and tie steel inside the excavated hole. This step is very critical in that the quality of the rebar will help to determine the structural strength of the pool.

Mixing & Application

Dry-mix gunite is one of two main materials used in the construction of a Gunite, or sometimes called “Concrete” pool. Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement.

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Pool designers can let you see your pool before it’s built

Fronheiser can provide you with value that no other pool company can match. At Fronheiser Pools, we set ourselves apart from other Gunite pool builders by continuing on with our long-standing tradition of building quality swimming pools complemented by excellent customer service. Plus we can give you a 3-D rendering of your pool from multiple angles so you can see your pool before it’s even built and makes changes.

We are Experts at Building Gunite Pools

In the past 50 years, the experts at Fronheiser Pools have built thousands of swimming pools so you can trust that they understand how to follow through and exceed expectations from the beginning of the process until well after the pool has been completed.
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