Outdoor & Pool Furniture

Outdoor & Pool Furniture

Fronheiser Pools knows the differences in what makes lasting patio furniture. That’s why Fronheiser Pools only carries the best manufacturer of patio furniture. The primary brand we carry is Telescope Casual, which is made in the USA. See what makes this our most trusted patio furniture manufacturer and see why even our employees use this excellent product in their homes.

Telescope Casual Furniture

Telescope Casual has been producing quality, outdoor patio furniture for over a century. Telescope Casual features the highest quality of any porch and patio furniture or accessories in the industry. They’ve been producing quality furniture in the USA Since 1903.

If you like what you see, why not purchase now! Select furniture sets are available online, with more sets available and on-display in both our retail showrooms. As always, special orders are available for Telescope Casual sets. Click below to shop now!

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