Does My Pool Vinyl Liner Need to be Replaced?

Does my Pool Vinyl Liner Need to be Replaced
If you’ve never had to replace the liner in your pool before, you may be wondering, “Does my pool vinyl liner need to be replaced?” The truth is that vinyl liners don’t last forever. Eventually, you have to have them replaced, but how do you know when it’s time? Over the years, you’ll begin to understand the signs but for now, here are some key indications that your pool is in need of a new liner.


Vinyl liners fade over time. After all, they’re typically exposed to a lot of sunlight and chemicals. Faded older liners not only look worn out, they also become more prone to algae and rust stains. While newer liners can usually be wiped clean, older ones become more and more difficult to remove stains from.


Just like an old rubber band becomes more rigid and loses its ability to bounce back into shape, so does an older pool liner. As the liner becomes more worn out it loses its elasticity. If it stretches too much, it may start to come out of its top track and wrinkle.

Tears and Cracks

As pool liners age they become dry and somewhat brittle. This deterioration leads to cracking and sometimes tears. You’ll often notice this type of damage in areas that are most exposed to the sunlight. Up around the water line is a likely spot for tears and cracks in the liner to appear. If the liner isn’t very old or seems in relatively good shape overall, you may want to try patching the crack or tear. However, if you have multiple cracks or others appear after you’ve patched the first, it’s time to replace your liner.


If your pool appears to be losing water more quickly than it did before, you may have a leak that you can’t easily see. Of course, evaporation causes the water level to go down over time, but typically pool water that goes down more than an inch every two weeks indicates some sort of leak. If you suspect a leak, it’s best to call in the pool experts as soon as possible. Leaving a leak for too long can cause very large, costly problems to occur.

Repair Considerations

There are a couple of other factors to take into consideration when you’re deciding whether or not to replace the liner or just to try to repair it. First, think about how long it’s been since you last had your liner replaced. Liners that have seen less than three years of use are still quite new and you may want to give repair a try, unless the damage is extensive. Any damage that is close to the bead or fittings is usually a trickier fix. Replacement is probably your best option.  

Call In the Experts  

If you need help assessing, repairing or replacing your liner, our expert service department is available. At Fronheiser Pools, we provide both general pool maintenance and urgent assistance. Whether you’ve dealt with Fronheiser Pools before or this is your first experience with us, our service professionals are skilled at assessing and repairing a wide range of pool products. Give us a call!
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