4 Kinds of People Who’ll Visit Your Hot Tub

Friends Love to Visit Your Hot Tub
When you decide to buy a hot tub, you’re probably envisioning it as your own private oasis. While that’s still true, you may be taken off guard by how popular your house suddenly becomes! Here are the four kinds of people that are sure to visit your hot tub.

1. The Helpful Crew

Need a pet sitter or house sitter? If you have a hot tub, you’re in luck! You’re bound to have plenty of volunteers to look after your home while you’re out of town. Just let your friends know they’ll get to take advantage of using your spa. You’ll also see this phenomenon occur in plenty of other ways, too. Grandparents will volunteer to watch your kids at your home while you enjoy a date night out or an overnight trip. And getting friends to help with home improvement or landscape projects will be a cinch when you promise to host a hot tub party as thank you! 

2. The “Just Dropped-In” Friend

Once he gets a taste of hot-tubbing in a private spa (even though it belongs to you!), using the public hot tub at the gym just won’t be the same. This friend will be the one who drops by or calls at the last minute to see if you want to get together tonight at your house. And he’ll just happen to have his swim trunks in his car.  Now, if this is a friend you love and want to spend more time with, it’s a win-win. On the other hand, if he wears out his welcome pretty quick, we suggest having a couple of polite excuses ready. “Oh shoot! We were just walking out the door,” is always a good one!

3. Your Kids Who Were Previously Too Busy (or Cool) to Hang Out with You

Remember when your kids were little and you were the coolest and most important person in their world? And then somewhere around 2nd grade, they decided their friends were way cooler than any parent could hope to be? Trust us, they’ll think you’re a lot more cool when you install a hot tub. What’s more, they’ll actually want to spend time with you! Institute a weekly family hot tub night and kids of all ages will be happy to put their electronics down and hop into the spa for a soak, and quality time, with the whole family.

4. All the Friends & Family You’d Love to See More Often

Looking for an excuse to spend more time with your loved ones? Your hot tub can help. Invite everyone over for a hot tub party. Do this often, and before you know it, you’ll be seeing your friends and family as much as you want! When it comes down to it, your hot tub lifestyle can be anything you want. It can be your private retreat. But if you want to make hot-tubbing a social event, you’ll have no shortage of friends and family who will love to visit your hot tub! Need a hot tub of your own? Visit our Bally or Sinking Spring location and we’ll help you find the perfect spa for your family! The team at Fronheiser Pools is always here to help.  
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