How Deep Is a Hot Tub?

How deep is a hot tub?
There are a lot of specs to consider when you’re shopping for a hot tub: how many people it can sit, how many jets, and the length and width (vital for making sure it will fit into your space). There’s one more spec you may be wondering about: How deep is a hot tub? Do you even need to concern yourself with the depth? Absolutely. Hot tub depth does matter, for some people more than others. Today, Fronheiser Pools is breaking down everything you ever wanted to know about how deep hot tubs are.

Hot Tub Height vs. Depth

You may hear two different numbers when you’re discussing specs about a hot tub’s height. First, the overall height of the spa is talking about the hot tub’s actual wall measurements. The depth of the hot tub is talking about the inside water level. It’s important to understand these two terms. When you’re making sure the hot tub will fit in your proposed space, you need to know the height of the hot tub you’re considering. But when you are looking for a water level that is deep enough to slip into, but not so deep you can’t keep your head above water, depth is the measurement you need.

Average Height & Depth of a Hot Tub

So, how deep is a hot tub? Well, that depends. There is no standard hot tub height, but generally hot tubs fall in a range of 34-42 inches tall, with the average being 36” high. The interior water depth is about 5” less than the walls. So, a 36” tall spa will have a water depth of 31”.  Unless you’re ordering a custom hot tub, it’s unlikely you’ll find one higher than 42” tall. Anything taller is difficult for the average person to get into. Plus, it could be too deep for them to soak in comfortably. That said, custom hot tubs are always an option! If you’re very tall, a custom hot tub taller than 42” could provide a more enjoyable soak.

Why Deeper Isn’t Always Better

We’ve already mentioned that a hot tub higher than 42” is too tall for many people to enter and exit easily, at least without adding a set of stairs. Depth is an important consideration, too. If the water is too deep, it could be uncomfortable, or even dangerous, for shorter individuals and children.  The other concern is energy savings. The deeper the tub, the more water you need to add, and the more energy it takes to heat it. If a 34” high hot tub with a 29” depth feels comfortable, why get a 42” hot tub and consume more energy and water?

Find Your Perfect Hot Tub at Fronheiser Pools

But how can you know if a 34” or a 42” hot tub will feel best? Come in for a trial run! You’ll be able to try out different Jacuzzi® and Caldera® models so you can see for yourself what water level works best for you. Contact us to schedule your appointment at either our Bally or Sinking Spring location! We will professionally fit you to the hot tub of your dreams, ensuring that your spa is the ideal depth for a comfortable and relaxing hydrotherapy experience.  
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