5 Time-Saving Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool

opening your swimming pool
With spring just around the corner, it is time to consider opening your swimming pool for the season. While the task can be time consuming, there are things you can have in place to make it go faster, like hiring the experts at Fronheiser Pools to do it for you! We have compiled our favorite list of tricks to make sure things go as quickly and smoothly as possible for you.

1. Invest in a Quality Pool Cover

The best way to make sure opening your swimming pool come springtime is a breeze is to invest in a quality pool cover. A cover will protect your pool and the water throughout the off-season, making sure you have less work to do come spring.  Having a quality safety cover for your pool will also make sure your children and pets are kept safe, in addition to protecting your pool and the water. If you are in need of a quality pool cover, we can help you select the best one for you before next season. 

2. Use a Pump and Leaf Blower to Remove Debris

If you already have a quality pool cover in place, you will want to clean it off before removing it when opening your swimming pool.  Use a pump for the cover to remove any standing water. You can set this up to run and step away for a bit if there is a large amount of water to remove. Take the pump off when the water is removed and grab your leaf blower. The leaf blower will make it simple to remove all of the leaves and debris from the cover. Taking these steps first will keep everything from falling into the pool, thus saving you time. 

3. Make Sure You Have All of Your Pool Care Products on Hand

Once you have completed the previous steps to opening your swimming pool, the last thing you want to happen is to realize you don’t have the water care products you need. You will want to have your sanitizer of choice, shock, pH balancers, and test strips at a minimum.  If you have a ton of algae or other issues, you will want to have chemicals on hand to deal with that as well. Stop in Fronheiser Pools to stock up on all the professional products you need.

4. Invest in an Automatic Pool Vacuum

Another great way to save time is to invest in an automatic pool vacuum. This is another opportunity to be able to set things up and walk away to do other things while the pool works for you.  If you have done a good job closing your pool in the fall and have a quality pool cover on, there should be less to clean up come spring anyways. Once you have removed the cover, reinstalled equipment and plumbing, topped off your water, and put in shock and sanitizer, you can turn the pool pumps on and hook up your automatic pool vacuum.  Leave things to run, and when you return, you will be ready to balance the water!

5. Hire Our Experts to Do the Job of Opening Your Swimming Pool for You

If you really want to save time, call Fronheiser Pools to have us open your pool. This is the best way to only invest a few minutes into opening your swimming pool. After you make the appointment, you can sit back and relax. When we have things ready to go, you can start enjoying your pool with almost no effort from you at all. Reach out today to make sure your pool is ready to enjoy this swim season. Fronheiser Pools is ready to hear from you!  
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