6 On Fleek Patio Furniture Trends for 2022

Is your outdoor furniture looking less than excellent? Is your patio space out of date and in need of a bit of a “spruce up”? Fronheiser Pools to the rescue! We are here to share with you 6 on fleek patio furniture trends for 2022. “What’s that?”, you say. In the world of up-to-the-minute urban slang, “on fleek” refers to something that is perfectly in fashion, on-trend, and well-executed. Tell your teenager her magenta-streaked hair looks “on fleek” and she will be flattered, we promise. All kidding aside, there are some terrific current trends in outdoor furniture for 2022 and we’d love to tell you about them. Making your outdoor space more functional, comfortable, and stylish is a very good thing.

Create An Outdoor Gathering Space

The latest design trend is to bring the look of your indoor decor outside with a comfortable outdoor area that is set up similarly to your living room. Start with a colorful area rug to anchor the space. Next, add deep cushioned seating that will be so comfortable your family and guests will naturally gravitate to that area in the morning for coffee, in the late afternoon for reading, and in the evening for stargazing. There are sectional units available today that are the ultimate in the latest outdoor furniture styles. End tables and a coffee table complete the look. Depending on the sun exposure, the addition of a shade feature or umbrellas to complement your color scheme is a perfect and practical touch.

Outdoor Dining and Food Preparation

The latest trend in outdoor dining is to take the backyard picnic table up a few levels by creating a complete outdoor kitchen and dining setup. A dining table and comfortable swivel chairs invite diners to linger after their meal for conversation. A built-in barbeque with a food prep area means that the chef can be alongside the dinner guests and not miss out on any of the fun while cooking. In addition, you could install an outdoor bar where your guests can sit on high stools and enjoy a before-dinner drink from an under-counter refrigerator. Savvy decorators are encouraging the use of outdoor propane patio heaters to minimize cool post-sunset temperatures and encourage the use of the patio into the evening. Patio heaters also extend the time you are able to enjoy your patio for several months of the year!

A Fire Feature

If space allows, a designated separate sitting area planned around a fire feature is a fabulous addition. We have seen a trend toward groupings of Adirondack chairs in various colors surrounding a built-in fire pit. There is nothing like a cozy fire to invite people to gather around for conversation, warm beverages, and S’mores! In the case where there is not enough space for a separate designated seating area, we have another great option. In the outdoor living/gathering space described above, swap out the coffee table for a table with a built-in fire feature! We bet you would use it every evening.

Create Ambiance with Outdoor Lighting

With outdoor lighting, you can keep the party going long after dusk. There are many lighting options for various outdoor needs, such as path lighting for safety, lights to illuminate the pool for evening swimming, landscape lighting to emphasize garden features, and string lighting. String lighting creates a wonderful warm ambiance that is so desirable for evening outdoor activities. This type of lighting is perfect in all areas of your outdoor space. Use it to illuminate your conversation area, in your dining and grilling area, and wherever else activities are occurring. 

Update Those Pool Lounge Chairs

Comfortable chaise lounge chairs around the pool are an essential part of your backyard decor. It is critical to have a comfortable spot to rest while sunning, reading, napping, or just hanging out. Cushioned chaises are ideal for napping, but slatted or mesh fabric helps users dry off faster. Stackable lounge chairs are a great convenience when storing.

Don’t Forget the Electronics

Did you know you can bring the game outside with a weatherproof outdoor TV? Baseball, football, or whatever your favorite is, you won’t miss a thing. You can enjoy being outdoors while you watch. In addition, Bluetooth speakers are a nice touch for those who enjoy having some music in the background while they dine, converse, or lie in the sun.  Have we given you some inspiration for some outdoor furniture updates? These 6 on fleek patio furniture trends for 2022 are meant to get your attention. No matter how restrained or how elaborate your improvements might be, Fronheiser Pools is a resource that you can count on. We carry Telescope Casual Furniture’s line of high-quality outdoor furniture, made in the USA since 1903. They may have been around for a while, but they pay attention to the most wonderful, current trends. Visit our showrooms, consult with our staff, and place your special order today. Or, check out our in-stock furnishings. Download our latest brochure and start your journey towards a more stylish, comfortable, and functional outdoor space!
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