How Often Should I Get Professional Pool Water Testing?

Professional pool water testing helps maintain your water.
Are you a new pool owner? Or does balancing your pool water chemistry seem like a confusing and daunting task? Keeping your pool water balanced means having a safe, healthy, and sanitized pool. If your pool water is out of whack, you don’t want your family swimming in it. If your pool water is out of balance and you are not sure just how to fix it, you may be a candidate for professional pool water testing. “Great,” you say. “How often should I get professional pool water testing?” Let’s talk about some water testing basics and move on from there.

Professional Pool Water Testing: What Am I Testing For?

When you do an at-home water test using test strips or a water testing kit, you are looking for readings on chlorine levels, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid. Read your test kit instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the ideal levels in each category.

How Often Do I Need to Test My Pool Water?

You should be in the habit of testing your pool water at least once a week for general maintenance. There are occasions when you will want to test your water more often or consult with a professional. These times may be:
  • After a big storm, or excessive rainfall. Wait at least eight hours after the rain has stopped to collect your water sample.
  • After a big pool party or a period of heavy usage.
  • If you have had an algae infestation and aren’t sure if things are back to normal.
  • When you close your pool for the winter season, it is a good idea to have your water professionally tested.
  • At the time of spring re-opening, it may be helpful to have the professionals check your chemical levels and make recommendations.
  • Any time you are having issues or are uncertain about how to treat chemical imbalances.
How Often Should I Get Professional Pool Water Testing?
Get professional pool water testing at Fronheiser Pools.

What’s the Procedure for Professional Pool Water Testing?

To get a professional water testing, simply collect a sample of water from your pool and bring it in to Fronheiser Pools. You can call to schedule your FREE water test at 610-845-2221. We will test your water through our incredible computer testing system and provide you with recommendations on exactly what your pool water needs. We even offer curbside pickup on any chemicals you may need to bring your water back into balance. How Do I Collect a Sample?
  • Use a clean, rinsed out water bottle or water test bottle.
  • Collect your water sample somewhere in between your skimmer and return jets for the best reading.
  • Dip the bottle at least 12 inches deep into the water. Immerse the bottle upside down, with the opening pointing toward the bottom of the pool. Turn it right side up and let it fill. 
  • Cover the bottle and bring a fresh sample to Fronheiser Pools on the day of your scheduled appointment. Don’t take it to work with you all day or let it sit in your car.

What Do the Pros Do with My Sample?

Fronheiser Pools has sophisticated equipment to get a more accurate chemical reading. We will perform a computerized (or digital) test that will test for all the levels mentioned above. In addition, this equipment can measure additional readings such as stabilizer, total dissolved solids, and more. 

What is the Advantage of Professional Pool Water Testing?

There are many advantages to having your pool water tested professionally. First, our equipment will give the most accurate results. Second, our expert water care staff will guide you through what you need to do to correct any issues. Third, we will, in effect, provide you with a sort of training on what you need to look for and what to do next.  Finally, in answer to the question “How often should I get professional pool water testing?”, it’s pretty simple. We offer free water testing to our loyal customers once each week. Fronheiser Pools prides itself on continuing our relationship with our customers after we build your pool. We encourage you to come in and have us test your pool water so that we can advise you on treatments throughout swim season. As a new pool owner, or someone who is experiencing problems with pool water care, you may need to call and ask water care questions more frequently, and that is just fine. With two locations, we are here for you. You may find that after a few times, with the advice of our professional staff, you get pretty good at testing your pool water like a pro yourself! But with professional water testing, you are sure to have everything you need to keep your pool clean, clear and beautiful with Fronheiser Pools.
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