What Exactly Does a Pool Pump Do?

A close up of a beautiful pool that shows how a pool pump keeps the water clean and clear.

If you’re a pool owner or are considering buying a pool, you may be wondering, “What exactly does a pool pump do?” In short, a pool pump is an essential component of a swimming pool’s circulation system, responsible for moving water through the pool’s various plumbing and equipment and keeping the water clean and clear. […]

How Does a Pool’s Filtration System Work?

pools filtration system

We can’t wait to kick off this summer’s pool season, and we know you can’t either! Swimming pools are no doubt our favorite place to cool off on a hot summer day. And the more you use your swimming pool, the more important it is to keep on top of regular maintenance. The pool’s filtration […]

Can a Hot Tub Be Used with Cold Water?

Can a Hot Tub be Used with Cold Water

Hot tubs are definitely most popular in the cooler months, but with the warm rays of the summer sun fast approaching, many people wonder “Can a hot tub be used with cold water?” It’s an interesting concept and surprisingly possible. Let’s explain how you can enjoy your hot tub with cooler-than-average water temperatures on hot […]

6 Common Pool Opening Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Common pool opening mistakes

Opening your swimming pool after a long winter can be an exciting time, but it’s important to approach the process with care and attention. Making mistakes during the pool opening process can lead to costly repairs or a prolonged delay in being able to enjoy your pool. That’s the last thing you want! Let’s go […]

How to Clean Your Pool Furniture

pool furniture

Pool furniture is a wonderful addition to any backyard oasis, allowing you to lounge and relax in style while enjoying the sunshine on your face and the cool, refreshing water just a few feet away. However, over time, your pool furniture can become less than in pristine condition. To keep your chairs and tables looking […]

5 of the Best Meals to Serve on Your New Patio Dining Set

New Patio Dining Set

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make the most of your patio. With the warm weather and sunny skies, there’s no better way to enjoy a meal than outside on your Telescope Casual new patio dining set from Fronheiser Pools. Whether you’re hosting a dinner […]

Can a Hot Tub Go on a Deck?

Can a Hot Tub Go on a Deck?

Can a hot tub go on a deck? Absolutely! In fact, a deck can be a great location for a hot tub, as it provides a level and stable surface and creates a relaxing atmosphere for soaking or entertaining. So, how do you get your hot tub to go on a deck? Let’s explore everything […]

Can Patio Furniture Be Left in the Rain?

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a wonderful investment in your outdoor space, so of course you want to take care of it and make it last. Many people wonder whether it’s safe to leave it outside in the rain. Honestly? It depends. The main things to take into consideration are the material of the furniture and the […]

Can I Put a Hot Tub Inside My House?

can i put a hot tub inside my house

Have you wondered, “Can I put a hot tub inside my house?” You bet you can. In fact, an indoor hot tub may be perfect for your situation. You can use it anytime, in any season, regardless of the weather. You can locate it in a basement, sunroom, home gym, or garage. Plus, you will […]

Can I Put a Hot Tub on My Existing Deck?

put hot tub on existing deck

Getting a new hot tub? Are you wondering “Can I put a hot tub on my existing deck?” There are so many reasons that having your hot tub on your deck would be convenient. Your outdoor deck is where you naturally gather with friends and family, relax with a drink or a book, and prepare […]


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