4 Tips for Hosting the Biggest Family Pool Party Ever!

pool party

When you want to close out the summer with a bang, it’s time for a party. And not just any party, mind you. The biggest family pool party ever! Here are four tips to help you pull of the back-to-school bash you’ve been dreaming of. Water Quality The basis of the best family pool party […]

The Amazing History of Vinyl Pools

vinyl pools

That sparkling piece of incredible art in your neighbor’s backyard… You never imagined it was a vinyl pool! And now you’re intrigued. How did vinyl pools come about? And how can you get such an amazing retreat for your own backyard? Come along with us as we journey through the amazing history of vinyl pool […]

How to Perfectly Place Your Hot Tub

Do you have a prime piece of real estate in your backyard yard that is just itching for a hot tub? Turn your outdoor space into the retreat of a lifetime with a spectacular spa from Fronheiser Pools. Innovative, technologically advanced, and the epitome of relaxation, your private spa will be the space you love […]

3 Life-Saving Hot Weather Pool Safety Tips

Summer’s in full swing and the glory of swimming season has arrived! There’s nothing like putting on your suit, grabbing the sunscreen, and heading outdoors for a dip in the cool water. But are there extra precautions you need to take during the dog days of summer? Here are three life-saving hot weather pool safety […]

3 Reasons Every Parent Should Invest in Children’s Swimming Lessons

Gone are the days of life jackets and puddle jumpers. Your child is of the age where they definitely need to know how to swim. From playing chicken in the pool with friends to wanting to cannonball off the diving board, your child is ready to dive in – both literally and figuratively. But what […]

What do I do if somebody poops in my pool?


Although a candy bar Caddyshack pool scene is hysterically funny in the movies, the situation is not so funny if a real deal “doodie” happens to be floating in your pool! Should you drain the pool and sterilize the whole thing with bleach? Or is there another way to get your water clean? Here’s what […]

Do hot tubs improve home values?

You’ve been researching that backyard renovation for a while. You can’t deny that a hot tub is one of the most luxurious, innovative, sensational items that you would love to own. The aesthetics would be an incredible addition to your backyard. Plus, the hydrotherapy benefits are unmatched. But are there other benefits to owning a […]

Don’t stay indoors! SPF clothing helps you enjoy your pool again.


Ooh, those blazing rays of the hot summer sun. A season full of itching, peeling, lobster-red skin is not what you signed up for. It’s so much easier to stay inside in the air conditioning, right? NO! Don’t stay indoors on beautiful summer days. SPF clothing can help you enjoy your pool again. Let’s see […]

What are the pool regulations for Pennsylvania?


It’s summertime and this year is the perfect opportunity to invest in your home. What better way to bring the thrills of summer to your own backyard than with a beautiful backyard pool. But what are the pool regulations for residential pools in Pennsylvania? Here are a few things you’ll need to add with your […]

3 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Child’s Pool Floatie


All parents want their children to be safe in and around the pool. One of the greatest aids to ensure that your child is safe is a great flotation device. And there’s a grand selection to choose from! Here are 3 essential tips for choosing your child’s pool floatie this year. Age for Floatie With […]