How to Select Stunning Patio Furniture That Will Last

deep seating patio furniture around firetable

Is this the year you will finally replace your dated and worn-out patio furniture? New patio furniture could be the improvement that makes your backyard experience finally live up to your dreams. With most of us spending more time at home, our patios have become extensions of the interiors of our homes. One of the […]

Is a Saltwater Pool Worth the Extra Cost?

If you are putting in a new pool, you may be considering installing a saltwater sanitation system. But is a saltwater pool worth the extra cost? If you have an existing pool, you may also wonder if converting to saltwater is a good idea. You may have heard that saltwater pools are more expensive than […]

Great Pool Landscaping Ideas that Aren’t Tropical

If you have been planning a new swimming pool in your backyard, undoubtedly you have been considering landscaping ideas. Don’t want to do the obvious tropical theme? We don’t blame you. Besides being somewhat overdone, growing tropical plants isn’t really conducive to our Berks County climate. The first step in planning the landscaping around your […]

How Often Should I Get Professional Pool Water Testing?

Are you a new pool owner? Or does balancing your pool water chemistry seem like a confusing and daunting task? Keeping your pool water balanced means having a safe, healthy, and sanitized pool. If your pool water is out of whack, you don’t want your family swimming in it. If your pool water is out […]

6 On Fleek Patio Furniture Trends for 2022

Is your outdoor furniture looking less than excellent? Is your patio space out of date and in need of a bit of a “spruce up”? Fronheiser Pools to the rescue! We are here to share with you 6 on fleek patio furniture trends for 2022. “What’s that?”, you say. In the world of up-to-the-minute urban […]

The Beginner’s Ultimate Guide to Owning a Hot Tub

Love the idea of getting a hot tub but have no clue where to start researching what costs are involved once you choose one? Are you worried that you might be able to afford to buy a hot tub, but are unsure about the costs to run and maintain it? Or, maybe you don’t have […]

Who Opens Swimming Pools in Berks County, PA?

Fronheiser built pool

Your swimming pool has been closed for the winter season, and you are dreaming of warm spring days spent in the sparkling blue water of your inground pool. Even though you can’t wait to dive in, does the prospect of opening your pool for the spring season seem daunting? If you had your pool built […]

What Chemicals and Equipment Do I Need to Open My Pool for Spring?

Pool opening made easy

The first warm days of early spring have you dreaming about enjoying your pool in the days to come. You’ve been toying with the idea of putting on your shorts and flip-flops at the risk of rushing the season. Have patience. It won’t be long before you and the family will be diving into that […]

When To Open a Pool in Berks County, PA

Spring Pool Opening in Berks County, PA

Have you been dreaming of warm days by the pool? Imagining the kids jumping in the water with their colorful pool floats? Maybe this is the year that you updated your old pool furniture, and you are itching to get out in the sun with your book and lemonade and try out that new chaise […]

Don’t Stop Now! Continue Enjoying Your Hot Tub All Summer with CoolZone


By this point in the year, we are all looking forward to sunshine and warmer weather. Have you been enjoying your hot tub during the cooler months of the year? Many people enjoy the contrast between the cold outdoor temperatures and the warmth of the water. In fact, your hot tub may get the majority […]