Can I Put a Hot Tub Inside My House?

can i put a hot tub inside my house

Have you wondered, “Can I put a hot tub inside my house?” You bet you can. In fact, an indoor hot tub may be perfect for your situation. You can use it anytime, in any season, regardless of the weather. You can locate it in a basement, sunroom, home gym, or garage. Plus, you will […]

Can I Put a Hot Tub on My Existing Deck?

put hot tub on existing deck

Getting a new hot tub? Are you wondering “Can I put a hot tub on my existing deck?” There are so many reasons that having your hot tub on your deck would be convenient. Your outdoor deck is where you naturally gather with friends and family, relax with a drink or a book, and prepare […]

6 Reasons to Love a 3-Person Hot Tub

couple enjoying 3-person hot tub

Have you considered getting a smaller hot tub? Your situation may actually be ideal for a smaller-scale hot tub. It is possible to enjoy all the benefits of a larger-sized spa and take advantage of the lower cost, space-saving aspect, and convenience that a smaller hot tub provides. Fronheiser Pools has put together a list […]

Are All Hot Tub Covers the Same?

all hot tub covers are not the same

When you plan for your new hot tub, you may not be thinking about the type of cover that you will use on it. Your imagination may not have moved on from the image of yourself soaking in the lovely warm water and enjoying all the hydrotherapy benefits a hot tub provides. However, it turns […]

Buy Local AND Shop for Your Pool Supplies Online

buy. local and shop for pool supplies online

Do you enjoy shopping locally and supporting businesses in your community, or do you prefer to shop online? As a locally owned and operated family business, Fronheiser Pools appreciates every opportunity to serve the customers in our community. We also know that at times the convenience of shopping online from a big box store draws […]

Why the Number of Hot Tub Jets You Get is Actually Meaningless

the number of hot tub jets is meaningless

Many people believe the more hot tub jets, the better. It turns out that is erroneous. Why the number of hot tub jets you get is actually meaningless is pretty simple. The total jet count does not equate with quality. Dad always said, “quality is better than quantity,” and he was right as usual. When […]

What Are the Types of Pool Safety Covers Available in 2023?

pool safety covers available in 2022

If you are in the market for a pool cover, you may be unsure of what type of cover might be best for you. What are the types of pool safety covers available in 2023?  Fronheiser Pools is happy to break down the three types of pool covers available and explain their best uses and […]

How to Choose Between a 2-3-Person, 4-5-Person, or 6-8-Person Hot Tub

Chose the right hot tub size

Making the decision to add a hot tub to your life is easy. Now the hard part is picking out the size that will best suit your needs. How to choose between a 2-3-person, 4-5-person, or 6-8-person hot tub is now your biggest consideration. Who ever thought there would be so many choices? How will […]

How to Select Stunning Patio Furniture That Will Last

deep seating patio furniture around firetable

Is this the year you will finally replace your dated and worn-out patio furniture? New patio furniture could be the improvement that makes your backyard experience finally live up to your dreams. With most of us spending more time at home, our patios have become extensions of the interiors of our homes. One of the […]

Is a Saltwater Pool Worth the Extra Cost?

If you are putting in a new pool, you may be considering installing a saltwater sanitation system. But is a saltwater pool worth the extra cost? If you have an existing pool, you may also wonder if converting to saltwater is a good idea. You may have heard that saltwater pools are more expensive than […]