Buy Local AND Shop for Your Pool Supplies Online

buy. local and shop for pool supplies online
Do you enjoy shopping locally and supporting businesses in your community, or do you prefer to shop online? As a locally owned and operated family business, Fronheiser Pools appreciates every opportunity to serve the customers in our community. We also know that at times the convenience of shopping online from a big box store draws potential customers away from us. However, when it comes to pool supplies, buying from a local dealer has some distinct advantages. Can you have it both ways? We think so! Let’s explore the benefits that take place when you buy local AND shop for your pool supplies online. 

Buy Local and Support Your Local Community

When you make a purchase from a local business, you are contributing to that business, of course, but you are also supporting your neighbors in the community who are employed by them. When those friends and neighbors spend the money they earn from their paychecks, chances are that much of it goes back into other local businesses. Also, taxes that are paid through the sales the local business makes are funneled back into the local economy to support local government, police and fire services, libraries, and other local programs.

Better Customer Service

Local businesses often hire employees who already have a working knowledge of the goods and services the business offers. This product knowledge is passed on to customers. When you have questions about what spa chemicals are best to have on hand for the hot tub you recently got, the knowledgeable sales staff at Fronheiser Pools has the training and know-how to give you great advice. When you decide to make the investment of having us build the custom pool of your dreams, there are scores of local customers who can give testimonials to how pleased they are with the work we have done for them. You are not going to get this sort of service from the big box store or when you order from a trade show.  

For Us, It Is a Personal Relationship

Fronheiser Pools has long believed that when you become our customer or client, the transaction doesn’t end with the sale. We take the time to get to know our customers, which makes each interaction pleasant for you and for us alike. And back to customer service: if there is an issue, we are here to help resolve it. For us, it’s personal. We’re happy when you’re happy. A satisfied customer will be a returning customer and we value that enormously.

Shopping for Pool Supplies Online

We all love the convenience of shopping online. We can sit at home in our pjs and browse the internet looking for good deals on countless items. However, as we have said previously, we believe that our customers are best served by purchasing their pool supplies from knowledgeable, well-trained, professional salespeople. At Fronheiser Pools, our staff is on hand to answer all your pool, spa, and chemical related questions.  That being said, we have taken things a step further. Once you have conferred with our experienced sales staff and have a basic understanding of what products will suit your personal situation best, you can order online from our website! Even better, you can save 5% on your pool and spa chemicals when you order online from us. So, you see, not only is it possible to buy local AND shop for your pool supplies online, you can even save a bit of money while doing it.  Fronheiser Pools has been serving our local community since 1965 and values the relationships we have formed with our customers during that time. We would love to have you become a part of our customer “family.” It turns out that you can have it all! Buy local AND shop for your pool supplies online!  
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