Why the Number of Hot Tub Jets You Get is Actually Meaningless

the number of hot tub jets is meaningless
Many people believe the more hot tub jets, the better. It turns out that is erroneous. Why the number of hot tub jets you get is actually meaningless is pretty simple. The total jet count does not equate with quality. Dad always said, “quality is better than quantity,” and he was right as usual. When you start researching hot tubs and trying to decide which features you want, it is easy to become overwhelmed. And when you feel overwhelmed, you grab at straws to help you make a decision. If hot tub “A” has 98 jets and hot tub “B” has 54, hot tub “A” must be the better choice, right? Not necessarily. The number of hot tub jets should not be your main criteria when choosing your spa. More essential considerations are the warranty, overall construction quality, energy efficiency, choices of water care options, and filtration. But what should you look for when it comes to the hot tub jets?

Placement of Hot Tub Jets

Far more important than the number of hot tub jets is their placement. 20 jets aimed at your neck are not going to be useful to you. There is a limit to how many jets you need aimed at one area of your body to provide effective hydrotherapy. Going overboard on jet count does not provide a better experience. A lesser number of hot tub jets specifically aimed to target certain areas will give you a better massage. 

Variety of Hot Tub Jets

A high-quality hot tub will offer a variety of jet types. For example, pulsating jets are beneficial for back and shoulder massage. Strong directional jets may be best for the neck and calf muscles. And a strong jet stream could feel fantastic on tired feet after a long day standing. A hot tub brand that focuses on a variety of thoughtfully placed jets is going to be preferable to a brand that offers a higher number of hot tub jets that are all the same type and in all the same places in each seat.


The best hot tub experience is going to be one that you can customize to suit your needs and preferences. You want to be able to easily adjust the water temperature, the ambiance of the lighting, and the strength and flow rate of the jet power. 

Pump Power

The purpose of a hot tub pump is to power the jets and circulate the water. It is also the “muscle behind the massage.” When choosing a hot tub, you need to select one that has the power to provide the desired hydrotherapy massage. Sometimes you may want a gentle massage, but there will be times when a wimpy effort is not going to cut it and you want more oomph coming out of your spa jets. If your hot tub pump lacks power, you will never achieve that strong massage you desire at times. Do your research and discover if the horsepower of the pump is in keeping with the size of the spa. Ideally, you should be able to take a test soak and experiment with the jets to see if they meet your needs. Do you see now why the number of hot tub jets you get is actually meaningless? Far more important than the number of hot tub jets is their placement, jet variety, customization options, and the power of the hot tub pump. Fronheiser Pools carries Caldera® spas, which provide the ultimate in hot tub design and performance. The professional staff at Fronheiser Pools has the knowledge and experience to match you with the spa that will best suit your needs.  Stop by our showrooms and learn more about how to get an exceptional hot tub experience with a Caldera spa from Fronheiser Pools.  
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