Do hot tubs improve home values?

You’ve been researching that backyard renovation for a while. You can’t deny that a hot tub is one of the most luxurious, innovative, sensational items that you would love to own. The aesthetics would be an incredible addition to your backyard. Plus, the hydrotherapy benefits are unmatched. But are there other benefits to owning a spa, like an improvement to home values? Today we’ll discover when a hot tub is and is not a beautiful boost to your bottom line.

Home Values & Spa Boostabilities

When planning any home remodel, indoor or out, you always have in mind the return on investment. There are a dozen ways that the right backyard remodel can pay you back – both in health and financial benefits. When adding a hot tub, here are a few things that will not only boost your home’s value – they will also make your home more attractive when you decide to sell. Do hot tubs improve home values? 1. Fixed vs. Personal. Many times, a hot tub that is portable is considered personal property, and not part of the value of the home. To counter this, make sure your spa is built to stay with the house. 2. Build a destination. There’s a difference in placing a portable hot tub on a concrete slab and building a backyard destination. A wholistic wellness retreat in your backyard will be a value that you’ll love escaping to. And buyers will love a well-planned backyard if you ever decided to sell. The hot tub that is built in as part of your overall backyard plan will reap the dividends you desire. 3. Lovely landscaping. Build the retreat of your dreams with stunning light and landscaping. A well-planned walkway, pergola, and visually appealing plants and flowers will turn a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spa Liabilities

Owning a spa is a benefit to body, mind, and soul. But what about a hot tub that is a detriment instead of a selling point? Consider a home buyer going to look at a house that has a hot tub that is not well taken care of, has aged past the point of use, or one that is a loud contributor to noise pollution. You wouldn’t want any of those in your backyard paradise and neither does a new buyer! Each of those issues can put a damper on your home values and turn buyers away. It will be more work for them to remove the spa and purchase a new one, which can decrease your home value. In turn, big box store spas that are portable and are not designed toward increasing your backyard retreat are also not going to bring value to your home. Instead, it’s time to make things right. The increase of your home’s value should be the goal of every homeowner. When you want to build the best in backyard recreation and wellness, look no further than Fronheiser Pools to help build you an ideal space to boost your home’s value. Call us or stop in today to see the sensational options available for your backyard paradise.
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