Heat Things Up This Winter with a Hot Tub Date Night

Couple having a cozy winter date night
The hubbub of the holidays is something that seems to sneak up on us each year. You probably told yourself you would be prepared this time, but found yourself taking on too much yet again. Fortunately by now the hectic rush is behind you, and you can take a deep breath and focus on yourself.  Step back from it all and grab your partner, fire up the hot tub, and let’s focus on de-stressing. Romance may have been far from your mind in recent weeks. But trust us, we have some great tips for unwinding from the holiday hoopla that will benefit you long after the holidays are over. Let’s heat things up this winter with a hot tub date night that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Water Temperature is Important

Many people keep their hot tub temperature between 102°-104°F. It is a matter of personal preference, but for a nice wintertime soak, you might want to lower the temperature a couple of degrees to around 100°. The lower temperature will still feel plenty warm in contrast to the outside air temperature. Subsequently, you may even be able to enjoy your hot tub soak for a more extended period of time, say 20-30 minutes.

Magnificent Mood Lighting and Music

Create a soothing mood with lighting. Is your hot tub equipped with LED lights that change color? Set them to pink or red to create a romantic ambiance. Importantly, soft warm lighting can have a significant impact on mood, and scientists think that the warmer colors in the spectrum have a calming effect. Moreover, it could even help you sleep better! Next, place some scented candles around the hot tub, in harmony with your lighting. Finally, put on a soothing playlist of tunes. You will have created an atmosphere conducive to supreme relaxation and romance.

The Sensory Impact of Soft Fabrics

The fact is, the sensory impact of having soft cozy fabric against your skin can reduce anxiety and stress. Research done with autistic children and people with dementia has shown that being enveloped by soft comfortable textiles has a calming effect on individuals. Therefore, bring out the thick terry robes, the fuzzy slippers, and the thick Turkish towels. Also, a soft knit cap might be welcome to keep your head cozy. Cocoon yourselves in luxurious textiles on the way to and from the hot tub, and your brain will get the signal that all is well and you can relax.

Finish with Food and Drinks By the Fire

By now the warmth and comfort of your leisurely hot tub soak will have you completely relaxed both mentally and physically. Wrapped up in your luxurious robes, you and your partner can adjourn to the inside where you can cuddle by the fire and toast your toes. Enjoy warm beverages of choice: mulled cider, hot chocolate with whipped cream, or any other drink of choice. Have some prepared finger foods to nibble on: fruit skewers, warm pretzels, salty nuts, and cheese cubes are all good. Make the most of this quiet relaxed time by conversing with your partner or putting on a favorite holiday movie. Focus on your time together and reconnect. Just reading about how to heat things up this winter with a hot tub date night may have you feeling warm and cozy. We urge you to give it a try and let the stress of the holiday season become a distant memory. Commit to trying something new and spending some time with your partner. And remember that Fronheiser Pools in Sinking Spring and Bally is here to provide you with all your hot tub related supplies and services.
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