How to Choose the Right Pool Cover

Don’t forget to cover up! With the swimming season is coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about closing down the pool.  Whether an in-ground pool or an above ground pool, it’s essential to protect your swimming pool from the harsh winter months. Here are a few simple tips -how to choose the right pool cover?

Pool Size

For a standard size and shape, it will be less expensive and easier to find in store. Otherwise, you’ll need to take measurements and make a custom order.

In support of safety reasons, you’ll want your pool to open and close securely, for that reason, it’s crucial to order the correct size.

Pool Shape

Fortunately, symmetrical shapes, rectangular, Kidney or Grecian pool designs are typically available at your local pool dealership; however, asymmetrical sides or pools with rounded edges are more difficult to locate. With a custom design or unique shaped pool, you’ll more than likely need to create a custom order.

Vinyl Security Cover

GLI vinyl safety pool covers protect more than just harsh winter and fall elements, and they are designed to protect from accidental submersion. As a result, providing extra protection for small children and pets.

Since vinyl covers prevent the sunlight from passing through, they are less likely to cultivate algae on the walls. Because the cover keeps out unwanted water from entering the pool, the water remains much cleaner. Ultimately, requiring less maintenance and less preparation for summer swimming.

If you are overwhelmed and frustrated finding the correct pool cover, consider contacting a pool professional. Since pool experts are familiar with the different features and materials available, they can direct you to the best solution for your family’s safety and maintenance needs.

Don’t forget to cover up and protect your backyard investment. A GLI Safety Cover protects both your pool and family. So, what are you waiting for, contact Fronheiser today!

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